Why would any man want to stretch his urethra?

It is probably safe to say that every little boy has tried to insert something into their cute little pee hole. As boys become men, we know how much pleasure and excitement that penis of ours can give us. We can stick it into tight or not so tight slippery little holes, we can have a mouth sucking on it or we can just stroke it with our or someone else's hand and the pleasure becomes too much and we climax.

Is it any wonder that men are always on the look-out for new pleasures?

Inserting something into the urethra can be very exciting and very pleasurable. Most men's pee holes are rather tiny and small, which does not leave much choice in objects to insert.

The male urethra is the name for the connecting tube, starting at the bladder.

Here the little sphincter muscle shuts off the flow of urine, it keeps closed involuntarily and is not easy to coax into opening, as we find out later in male urethra stretching.
From the sphincter, the urethra follows a J-curve around the prostate gland right up to the head of the penis, where it is just visible as a little pee hole slot. Men have to be complicated, why can't the male urethra be as simple, straight and only about two or three inches long, like a woman's?

The answer is that the urethra in men has two functions, it has to transport urine and it also has to transport the sperm.

Other reasons are the matter of erections, one minute the penis is flaccid and only about 2 inches long, next minute it can be erect and up to nine inches long. That means the male urethra has to be adaptable and be able to lengthen considerably. The full length of the male urethra ranges from 11.5 to 13 inches.

Also the urethra in itself is not used to having an intruder push in and is rather sticky.

The best and safest way to slowly stretch the male urethra is to use sounds or dilators. Hegar sounds have been around for a long time and are perfect for the beginner. They usually come in sets and a set contains 8 or nine individual sounds, ranging from a tiny 3mm (less than an eights of an inch) to a whopping 18 mm (.7 inch).

Whichever size suits you, these Hegar sound are not long enough to reach the Prostate, as they are only 8 inches long. Pratt dilators also come usually in sets ranging from about a 1/8 inch to about 9/16 (.55 inch) and are more suitable for the more advanced, because they are 11 inches long and more curved than the Hegar sounds. The extra length and tighter curve mean that they can reach and go past the prostate gland for that extra sensation.

At a later stage and more progress in stretching, you may want a sound that reaches further, to massage the prostate, that's where the Rosebud sounds play a fantastic role. They are 12 inches long. they also come in sets but are usually also available as single sounds. The pleasure one gets from these Rosebuds, as they massage the prostate gland is incredible.

A warning at this point is appropriate! If you cannot sterilize whatever you are inserting into the urethra, and hardly anyone can, then you should at least use a strong disinfectant or alcohol wipes or Betadine Surgical Scrub and wipe the object to be inserted thoroughly. A urinal tract infection can occur if this warning is not followed.

During the stretching process some men like to use a smear of Xylocaine on their sounds, which numbs and desensitizes the skin, especially around the pee hole, which is the hardest part to stretch as the skin of the penis head is pretty tough. With both, Pratt dilators and Rosebud sounds insertions, as you get near the prostate you will find it much easier to get around the prostate if you bend your penis downwards. This way the sound can follow the j-curve of the urethra naturally, and it plays no role whether you penis is erect or flaccid.

As you progress with stretching the urethra and you are enjoying the pleasure and turn-on of a 10 or 12mm (3/8 inch) Rosebud sound, you may want to experiment further. There is this incredible Urethral Probe available. It is 10mm(3/8 inch) in diameter and 17 inches long, it is a flexible tube with a tiny vibrator at the end.

Imagine the feeling of inserting this probe, then as it glides past the prostate you turn on the multi-speed vibrations..."Oh what a feeling", that's probably all you can say before you climax.

But massaging and vibrating the prostate is not all this probe can do.

Remember this amazing probe is 17 inches long, which means it can reach further than just the prostate, it is long enough to reach into the bladder. If you push the probe past your prostate, a couple of inches further it will reach your little sphincter, the little ring muscle that holds your bladder shut. The vibrating end of the probe will touch and tantalize the sphincter and as you relax the little muscle and bear forward as if peeing, the vibrating part will suddenly open up the sphincter and slip into your bladder. You will probably think that the heavens have come down and that you never knew what pleasure was in your past.

It is however advisable not to faint from pleasure, but to withdraw the probe a few inches before you have the biggest climax of your life.
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