Urethra sounds are used to stretch or enlarge the urethra, the passage from the pee hole to the bladder for medical reasons and sexual pleasure.

To insert or have something inserted into the urethra can be a very pleasurable experience, by both men and women.

In BDSM circles, the practice of inserting or stretching urethra is used for domination purposes, causing this exquisitely painful pleasure to the submissive partner.

Urethra sounds are medical instruments and should be seen as such. They are usually made from highly polished stainless steel and not cheap. The sizes of these sounds are very closely stepped, to facilitate a gentle and gradual stretching of the urethra.

Men have a curved and longer urethra than women, and therefore need different sounds.
Sounds suitable for men are approx. 8 to 12 inch long stainless steel rods of different sizes, some with a handle attached to one end, while the other is smoothly rounded. These can be straight or come in differently curved shapes, depending on the inventor, Sims, Rosebud, Hegar and Pratt are the most popular.

The urethra of a woman is much shorter and virtually straight, therefore much easier to stretch. After using a variety of different sounds and gadgets over the years, my preference vote goes to a set of uterine dilators. These dilators are used to dilate the cervix, but work beautifully with the urethra. These Hegar dilators usually come as a set of eight rods, but have sixteen different sizes . Starting from a tiny 3 mm, that's less than 1/8 of an inch, to the largest which is 18 mm or about 5/8 of an inch. They are very slightly "S"curved, very smoothly rounded at either end.

To insert these sounds into the female pee hole is an amazing turn on for myself, and seeing the sheer sexual ecstasy on my partners face, especially when the rounded tip passes through her little sphincter muscle into her bladder, is heaven.

Care should be taken and common sense used when using urethra sounds, as you could easily inflict injury or harm to yourself or your partner.

Catheter play - What is catheter play?
The insertion of a catheter into the urethra for pleasure rather than for medical reasons is called catheter play.

The urethra is the connecting tube between the bladder and the 'pee hole'. In men it ends at the tip of the penis and in women in the vulva, or just inside the vagina.

Catheters are used in medical procedures and before and after certain surgeries. These urinary catheters are basically tubes and come in different shapes, materials, diameters and lengths. They are all used to drain the bladder.

The pleasure derived from catheter play is many fold for men and women:

The physical sensation of sliding the smooth catheter into the very sensitive urethra.
The psychological aspect of being in control of your partners very personal body function.
As the recipient, the loss of control, letting your partner decide, when, where and how you can pee.

For the above reasons, this activity is used extensively during BDSM.
Popular catheters used for catheter play are:
Nelaton catheter - a clear plastic tube with a rounded, closed off end and drain holes near that end. They are usually about 6 to 10 inch long and the open end has a plastic fitting for shutting the urine flow off.
Latex catheter - the same as the Nelaton, but made from non-clear latex. About 12 inch long. Both Nelaton and Latex-catheters will only stay in the bladder and urethra if held in place.
Foley catheter seem to be most popular in catheter play.

A word of caution here, even if we call this subject catheter play, if you are not experienced you could cause yourself or your partner some harm or infection. Use common sense and make sure that everything you use is sterile.

Catheters are usually packaged sterile when new, but what if you do not want to buy new ones every time? Most catheters can be re-used if you sterilize them after each usage.

How to sterilize a catheter:

Clean the catheter with water and soap.
Prepare a solution of 1 teaspoon liquid bleach to 8 ounces of water and mix it in a sealable container.
Preferably use a bleach that has no added fragrances or other additives.
Soak the catheter completely covered in the solution with the container sealed for at least 30 minutes, preferably 60 minutes.
After soaking remove catheter and rinse well under water.
Leave to air-dry on a dry and clean towel.

Should the catheter after multiple uses, get stiff or brittle, it is then time to invest in a new catheter.
What Are Urethra Sounds - Facts About The Pleasure Of Urethral Sounding
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What Are Urethra Sounds - Facts About The Pleasure Of Urethral Sounding And Cock Stuffing
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