Story Of E DVD - Hardcore Nurse Enema Porn DVD At Online Price
Buy “Story Of E” DVD Online : Naughty Enema Nurses Porn DVD - Hardcore Enema Fetish Porn DVD
Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Story Of E” Enema And Intimate Medical Examination Porn DVD
Buy “Story Of E” DVD Online : Naughty Enema Nurses Porn DVD - Hardcore Enema Fetish Porn DVD

When Shanna McCullough introduces Nakita Kash to the joys of enemas in Bizarre Video’s Story Of E, the word gets round very quickly. Soon her friends are borrowing the enema equipment to try it themselves, and even trying to set things up around it. Story Of E has very little plot, but it works.

Scene 1 - Shanna McCullough and Nakita Kash: Nakita is waiting for a surprise from Shanna. Shanna shows her a metal butt plug for enemas and convinces her to try it. She gives Nakita a cold water enema with a bulb before letting her know that the warm water she wants next flows through the metal butt plug. As the warm water flows into Nakita’s ass and bowels, Shanna spanks her and pulls Nakita’s belt tighter. Finally Shanna lets Nakita know that she can release the liquid after Nakita gets her off, and then lays back for Nakita to eat her out.

This is a pretty good scene,and there great chemistry between Nakita and Shanna. It moves along nicely while working around the enemathen finishes up with some pussy eating.

Scene 2 - Alex Foxe and Ryan Moore: Alex borrows some of the enema equipment Shanna left at Nakita’s to try it for herself with the help of long haired fuck buddy Ryan. He helps her strip down to show off her great body and caresses it  before having her bend over and lubing up her ass. He slides the stem into Alex’s ass and opens the valve to let the warm water flow into her bowels. Ryan holds a mirror so she can watch herself get the enema, and sexually arouses her by holding a vibe on her pussy. He removes the stem and has Alex roll over while he rubs the vibe on her pussy. He has her roll back on all fours and starts to fuck her while the scene fades out.

Once again, this is a very hot scene. Alex does a great job and mixes nice vocals with some very good chemistry with Ryan.

Scene 3 - Deva Station and Ernest Greene: Ernest starts Deva’s enema treatment by showing her a double bulbed plug that holds its place in her ass. He puts it in and starts pumping solution into her. Ernest even lets Deva squeeze the ball to pump it into herself while he spanks her, then deflates the ball while making Deva hold it in. He finds one of Nakita’s sex toys, and has Deva ride it while holding it in to see if she can maintain bowel control and orgasm at the same time.

This is another nicely done scene. Much of it has to do with Ernest himself. He always seems enthusiastic about bondage, which makes many of his sex scenes a lot more enjoyable. His care is obvious, and combined with actually letting the scene continue to a natural and complete end, makes this one of the best scenes in Story Of E.

Scene 4 - Nakita Kash and Heather: Nakita shows Heather her newest form of enjoyment to finish things up. The girls strip down as Nakita has Heather get on all fours on the couch with her ass in the air. She slides the enema tube into her rectum and starts the liquid flowing. After a bit, Heather fills Nakita up in return before they decide to sexually pleasure each other as only girls can. They enjoy each other orally before Nakita fucks Heather from behind with a strap-on.

This is another nicely performed enema sex scene. There is a fun spirit and the girls have nice chemistry. This is a very nice way to end the movie.

The Story Of E is a different kind of medical porn movie.  Most porn fans will not think of enemas as particularly erotic, but Ernest Greene does a very nice job with them. They are not shown particularly graphically, and in the end that’ is what gived the movie credibility. The Story Of E cast does a great job with the enemas. They are treated like a natural part of sexual foreplay, and there is a sense that they are pushing into the unknown. Watching Story Of E could also encourage viewers towards exploring their own sexuality.

Here is a small warning for fans of extreme enema pornography. With Story Of E you never really see the enema in detail. Yes, you see the tube go into the rectum via the anus, but that is usually as explicit as the enema gets. It is rare to see any fluid leakage and you never see the girls expel it. There is plenty of talk about the release, whichall but the most extreme porn fans will fins arousing enough. If you are curious about the mechanics and pleasures of giving and receiving enemas, and don’t want to see exolicit liquid explulsions,you will certainly enjoy Story Of E. In the end, whether it is to your personal tastes or not, Story Of E is a very well done adult film.

Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Story Of E” Enema And Intimate Medical Examination Porn DVD
Story Of E - Hardcore Nurse Enema Porn DVD At Online Price

You have heard of Story Of O. Now comes Story Of E, a truly bizarre female on female domination DVD with an ass craving medical twist! Watch Story Of E and explore the mysteries of female enema fetish pleasure! See sexy babes have their tight anal openings lubed before succumingb to their mistresses desires! The Story Of E means dominance, submission, and the erotic pleasure of enemas! Submissives squirm as their ass cheeks are spread wide and the enema nozzle is inserted deep inside their rectums! Watch them whimper helplessly as gallons of liquid invade their bowels. There's nothing like an enema to get these girls going. Watch them enjoy the ecstasy of an enema in Story Of E!

Starring: Alex Fox, Deva Station, Ernest Greene, Heather, Nakita Kash, Ryan Moore, Shanna McCullough
Director: Ernest Greene
Studio: Bizarre Video
ONLY $24.95
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