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147 - Elbow Grease Original Cream Lube Pail - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Buy High Quality ‘Sportsheets Bondage Bar’ Online - Medical Tool For Intimate Body Cavity Examinations
Medical Grade Sportsheets Bondage Bar For Medical / Gyno Fetish Role Playing Pleasure
Buy High Quality ‘Sportsheets Bondage Bar’ Online - Medical Tools For Intimate Body Cavity Examinations

The Sportsheets Bondage Bar is a restraint play product designed to restrict movement of the arms and legs. This is accomplished by cuffing both the wrists and ankles to a rigid bar in a variety of positions, exposing the breasts and genitalia if desired. You can strap down the wrists alone, or even the ankles alone. These ways will obviously allow far more movement than if you strap all four appendages at once.

Once you have your partner securely strapped, exposed and spread open in the Sportsheets Bondage Bar it's your choiice of what to do next. He or she is basically stuck securely in the position you strapped them into. Move or roll them around into another position or simply work with what you have while they remain still.

That's one of the best things about this Sportsheets Bondage Bar; it is totally multifunctional, and the sky is the limit with what you can do.

Sportsheets Bondage Bar Design / Craftsmanship / Material

This product is made of neoprene (the cuff lining), metal (the bars), and nylon (the covering for the bars and the main part of the cuffs).  It actually has two rigid, yet flexible bars inside of it. The bars are 16" long and 3/4" wide each. Sewn into a thick nylon sheathing side by side in separate pouches to produce the almost 2" wide Bondage Bar you see on the box.

This, with the cuffs tightened more than you should ever need them to be, is 24" long overall. With the cuffs as loose as you should ever need its 28". It has four 2" wide and very soft neoprene lined nylon/velcro cuffs attached. Two cuffs are sewn very firmly to the two ends of the Bar. And the other two sewn 2 1/2" in from the sides, and 9" apart from each other on the front of the bar. These cuffs have three 1" seams attaching them to the bar, so it's nothing that you will easily destroy.

The velcro on the cuffs is 1 1/2" wide 5" long strips (one strip per cuff) sewn firmly to the outside of the cuffs on one side. The other side is a 1 1/2" wide 5" long strap to connect to the velcro. Both attached well enough and with velcro strong enough to hold against even the hardest of pulls.

Sportsheets Bondage Bar Performance

This Bondage Bar performed amazingly! Not only are there  sveral starter positions illustrated on the box but it comes with no assembly required. So within five minutes of getting the Sportsheets Bondage Bar delivered I had my willingly submissive girlfriend strapped into it, spreading her legs and exposing her now naked body for my pleasure.

The velcro cuffs are incredibly fast and easy to put on or take off so you won't waste any time getting straight to the restraint play. It's so easy to use you can play around with the bondage bar a bit, and soon you'll have loads of favorite positions.

The Sportsheets Bondage Bar is fairly strong. With my girlfriend fully cuffed I was able to grab the bar and pick up her weight to move her. The bar did bend quite a bit while her weight was on it, but went right back to straight. So strong enough to hold, but not something I would try to do over and over. Like I said before this is not a product you will easily destroy.

“As soon as the Sportsheets Bondage Bar arrived I couldn't wait to try it on my wife. She has been dubious about being restrained in the past, so I was concerned how she would react when I produced this for the first time. Luckily she was happy with it and she let me put it on her. I was surprised to see how exposed it made her, everything was on display when she was laid on her back, including her exposed vagina and lovely puckered ass hole, allowing for some fun times for us both. In the doggy position with this, that's when it really spreads you open. I am sure we will have some serious fun with it in the future. The cuffs are very strong and also very comfortable, with the Velcro straps allowing for a good range of sizes to suit most people. The bar itself does seem a bit flimsy and I doubt it would take a lot of effort to bend it. The thing I liked about this Sportsheets Bondage Bar is the fact it doesn't look scary or bizarre compared to some restraints, thus putting my lovely wife at ease. Overall, this is a very nice piece of kit to add to your sex lives. Highly recommended, especially to those likecouples like us who are starting to experiment with bondage and medical role play sex for the first time.”

Medical Grade Sportsheets Bondage Bar For Medical / Gyno Fetish Role Playing Pleasure
Sportsheets Bondage Bar - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

Get your partner securely spread and ready for some intimate body orifice examinations during your uninhibited medical / gyno fetish role playing action with this secure Sportsheets Bondage Bar spreader and cuff set. The high quality Sportsheets Bondage Bar is ideal for any imaginative and uninhibited medical / gyno fetish experience. Strong but soft neoprene restraints bind your submissive partner’s wrists and ankles together, keeping him or her securely spread open and ready for some submissive intimate medical examination sex action.

The Sportsheets Bondage Bar consists of 4 comfortable neoprene and Velcro cuffs attached to a rigid nylon-covered 16" spreader bar. Easily secures your partner in seconds and is perfect for multiple positions.

Sportsheets Bondage Bar Dimensions:

Spreader Bar Length: 16in (40.5cm)
Maximum Cuff Interior Diameter: 3.7in (9.3cm)
Maximum Cuff Interior Circumference: 11.5in (29.1cm)
Sportsheets Bondage Bar - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Sportsheets Bondage Bar
Online Price : $49.00
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