110 - Vulva Balm Vaginal Lubricant - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
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Elbow Grease Lube
147 - Elbow Grease Original Cream Lube Pail - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Collins Speculum- For Medical / Gyno Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

A Collins Speculum is a convenient hands free medical device used to examine and investigate the inside of a vagina. It safely holds the vaginal walls open using smooth edges and locks into place with the handle and with the wide hinges make for deeper viewing. A Collins Speculum is comfortable for long-term medical sex play. All you need to do to work this device is to turn the hand screw at the bottom until you reach the desired width.

The unique hands-free design of the Collin Speculum provides the advantages of an open-sided speculum while permitting multiple positioning for optimal internal vaginal exposure.

The Collins Speculum has a superior design and feel. This forged surgical stainless steel speculum has much smoother edges than typically less expensive stamped steel speculums, and feels much more comfortable as it slips in. The wide open hinging action allows for deeper viewing without a lot of discomfort, so this speculum is often used for long term medical sex play.

Collins Speculum Features:

Medical Grade Vaginal Speculum
Easy to use
Allows for easy access of the cervix

The Collins Speculum comes with a wing screw which is approximately 1.75" long for proper adjusting and spreading. Also can be used for anal play.

Collins Speculum Small: It measures 6" from end to end. When the blades are spread open fully they are 4.25" apart. The blades themselves measure 3.5" and are 1.25" wide.

Collins Speculum Large: The dimensions for this large speculum are 6.5" from tip to toe measured horizontally. The blades spread to a width of 4.25".

“Great preparation for butt plugs and other anal toys. With this and other speculums to relax and widen the anal opening there is little uncomfortable stretching when inserting anal toys, they go in really easy; be sure to use lots of lubrication with any speculum and anal toys. The Colins Speculum is the best for the price as it opens wider than most others”.

“I bought the Collins Speculum for my lady and we have used it a few time. Both times she never complained about any sharp edges or sudden discomfort regardless of where I put it. The metal on the outside is polished to a high shine and the edges are deburred. Overall It is a great instrument to introduce medical play or just to give your lover a good stretch. A little user advice        
Collins Speculum - For Medical / Gyno Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Collins Speculum
Online Price : $18.50 - $18.75
Buy High Quality Collins Speculum Online - Medical Tool For Intimate Body Cavity Examinations
Medical Grade Collins Speculum For Medical / Gyno Fetish Role Playing Pleasure
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