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Registered Nurse DVD - Hardcore Naughty Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price
Buy “Registered Nurse” DVD Online : Naughty Nurses Porn DVD - Cock Crazy Candy Stripers Porn DVD
Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Registered Nurse” Medical Examination Porn DVD
Buy “Registered Nurse” DVD Online : Naughty Nurses Porn DVD - Cock Crazy Candy Stripers Porn DVD

Naughty nurse sexual fantasies never get old. No wonder nurse role play costumes are so popular. With a cast like this you can bet there will be a lot to like with Zak Wylde’s Registered Nurse DVD from Smash Pictures, and viewers have an option to watch full scenes with longer setups or you romantic types, or straight-out action for committed strokers. If you like nurse uniforms, especially the fetish/lingerie style, you will be really turned on by the costumes. Some of the girls are pretty hot too. So Registered Nurse provides the best of both worlds. Sometimes we all feel a little under the weather and we would all count ourselves lucky to have a Registered Nurse like Marie Luv or Annette Schwarz to make us feel better.

Here's a brief look at the sex scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were harmed in the making of Registered Nurse:

Trinity Post with Chris Charming: The movie begin with some black and white shots of the lovely Trinity Post wearing her skimpy nurse outfit, and you'll see it better once the shot goes to color. The camera does a good job moving in and out on Trinity,who is wearing glasses. The finger dipping inside her pussy was pretty hot and she seems to know a thing or two about the art of tease as evidenced here.

After getting us warmed up she goes in search of a patient,  and finds Chris Charming. Trinity crawls on top of him, as a good Registered Nurse should do, to discuss the treatment program. It involves some ass caressing and just a little bit of kissing to her belly and breasts. Trinity works on his cock then urns around into a sixty-nine position, letting Chris eat her pussy while she engulfs his huge German cock. She sits up, pussy still hovering over Chris while he is licking away. The scene also features good strong vaginal sex first in cowgirl and reverse before moving on to some anal penetration with doggie highlighting this portion. Chris manages a good pop to Trinity's face and her glasses catch a few drops.

Annette Schwarz with Rick Masters and Jenner: We get some more black and white footage of this lovely German fraulein. Her outfit is mostly white as opposed to Trinity's which was all black. Annette gives you some nice expressive glances while the camera shows her off. Her butt is very impressive.

She finds her two patients in a bad way with Rick drinking strong alcohol so offers up her pussy juices which are far better tasting. She starts off sucking Rick’s cock but Annette is soon kneeling and sucking them both off. Annette is really aggressive with her blowjob. There is lots of gagging before the two porn studs pulverize her pussy and ass holes. The best shot came when Jenner moved upslightly to slip his dick in Annette's ass doggie style. The guys also work in some double penetration action before we see spoon anal, some mish anal and finally more doggie fucking. Popwise you get Annette jerking off Rick until he pops upwards as she is hovering over his cock and Jenner then starts popping as he pulls out so some misses the mark with Annette then cleaning up.

Gwen Diamond with Lee Stone: In this really hot sex scene, Gwen the Registered Nurse might need some medical attention after fucking this Lee’s huge cock! She starts off sitting in a medical examination chair with her legs up and spread wide exposing both her holes. This tease is also in black and white for the most part. When the color comes in, everything blossoms and she is looking magnificent in her red lace outfit.

Gwen inds Lee bound by chains to a wall. She lets her hands roam over his rugged body and finding no cuts and bruises she conscientiously goes down to check on his cock, finding it also in perfect working order! She frees Lee and guides him over to a bench, where she works on his cock some more. Gwen  gets more aggressive with her blowjob by doing some no hands and gagging action. You then see Lee showing opening up Gwen’s pussy in a standing doggie fuck, then it's on to mish where Gwen is very entertaining. Lee then picks her up for a cowgirl ride with good floor shots of her ass. Then it's the more traditional cowgirl leading to reverse, mish and finally the pop shot to Gwen's face and  mouth.

Isabella Pacino with James Deen: You get some nice pussy fingering from Isabella during the black and white opening shots. Isabella comes downstairs to find a dungeon wher her patient James Deen is in a cage lifted a couple feet off the ground.

She intimately inspects James and discovers that he does not have an erection, so she starts working on his cock as he enjoysa little pussy licking. Her outfit is like Gwens, with white dominating the red trim. Isabella then decides it's time to give him the Registered Nurse treatment so in goes his cock and you see some intense thrustimg. Check out the very good gagging, with some nice eye contact between her and James. Sexwise, they work in some vaginal fucking through the bars of the cage, then it gets opened up and in goes Isabella for a ride in cowgirl and  you get some real nice shots of her pussy. James then gets out of the cage with his cock still in her pussy, and she is laid on her back for a strong missionary pounding. James pauses in mid-fuck to lick Isabella’s wet pussy and finger her ass. You then get a good standing doggie anal fuck with Isabella nicely opened up, after which James ejaculates on her ass hole before going back inside for a few more strokes. Isabella dips a couple fingers for a taste before we fade out.

Marie Luv with Mark Davis: The final sex scene begins like the others with some black and white footage of Marie Luv who is smoking hot  and such a genuine lover of cock. The color shots then come and Marie does a splendid job showcasing her sexy body.

The patient for this gorgeous Registered Nurse is Mark Davis who walks in and gets comfortable. Marie checks his vitals and diagnoses that he is in urgent need for some pussy and ass. There is a little bit of kissing to her lovelly breasts before Mark moves down to her jiggly ass. He removes her G-string and it's ass pleasing time, using a combination of fingers and tongue. Marie is now fully ready to finish off her sexual therapy treatment y doing some superb cock sucking. The gagging and deep throating is top notch and she usesplenty of spit. Sexwise, you see her fucked in a standing doggie, with a great underneath shot. Mark pulls out to taste her freshly fucked pussy, then we get a close insertion shot for missionary anal, then she squats down on his cock and we see some cowgirl anal, looking from Mark's angle at her gorgeous ass cheeks hugging his cock. Some reverse anal consludes the fucking, which  ends with Mark ejaculating down her tits with some semen cleanup from Marie once he's done firing.

Porn movie director Zak Wylde has been doing a very nice job with his occupational themed releases for Smash and he keeps up the good work with Registered Nurse. He does a good job with the scene introductions rather than having them all start with the nurse taking on the doctor or patient. The sexual chemistry is strong in every scene, with plenty of anal action where four of the five girls take a dick up the ass. If you ever have a fantasy about aving sex with naughty nurses, you definitely need to check out Registered Nurse.

Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Registered Nurse” Medical Examination Porn DVD
Registered Nurse - Hardcore Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price

Check out this hot Registered Nurse DVD from Smash Pictures featuring sexy women who have one thing in common. Each one is a Registered Nurse and, porn being porn, this involves curing all ills with one thing, lots of hard sucking and fucking. Watch these naughty nurses suck and fuck their patients back to health! Director Zak Wylde breaks free of typical nurse fetish porn with Registered Nurse. Rather than a cheesy hospital opening for each scene, he get seach Registered Nurse to show off their outfits and then go through a very quick lead-in to keep things as strokeable as possible before moving on to the sex action.

Starring: James Deen, Mark Davis, Lee Stone, Marie Luv, Chris Charming, Annette Schwarz, Trinity Post, Jenner, Rick Masters, Gwen Diamond, Isabella Pacino
Director: Zak Wylde
Studio: Smash Pictures
ONLY $24.95
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