Pussy pumps may seem odd at first but in fact vacuum pumping provides a whole new sensation experience to the pussy lips. Just like the penis, when pumped up, the lips of the pussy become more sensitive because they are engorged with blood. It might take a couple of tries to get used to the feeling of sucking your labia into a vacuum cylinder but once you do you'll realize that having your pussy lips pumped to the fullest is incredibly erotic and a huge turn on for both you and your sexual partner. Keep in mind that once you pump up your pussy it will remain ultra sensitive to sexual stimulation until the blood dissipates. A pumped up pussy is also pleasurably tight for both partners during penetrative sexual intercourse. That said, it's a very good idea to choose a day that you can lounge around the house so you and your partner of choice have amazing sex many times over, after which you can allow your pussy lips to deflate naturally.

Being sexually curious, I was fully aware of pussy pumps and what they did but was never really tempted to try one. That was until my equally adventurous - and exceedingly considerate - husband bought one for us to try.

To be honest I was slightly wary of it when he took it out of the box and suggested that we retire to the bedroom. Don’t ask why. On reflection I suppose it is because it really doesn’t resemble your standard image of a sex toy.

But that is where my adventurous side kicks in. Ask yourself how many times you have declined a culinary delight based on preconceptions of how you think it will taste or even on how it looks. You never know if you like something unless you try it, right? So, based on this philosophy I decided to give my new Vagina Cylinder vacuum pump a try. And I’m glad that I did. I urge all sexually aspirational women to set aside your prejudices and open your mind to the pleasure potential of a high quality pussy / vacuum pump like the Vagina Cylinder can be.

The Vagina Cylinder is totally safe to use and here is a brief rundown of it’s features -

The cup is fully detachable for cleaning and made from ABS plastic with a soft PVC edge for comfort. It also features a clear cup allowing you to monitor your size
It has a single handed pump action trigger
A quick release valve ensures safe play.

My husband was as curious as I was and wanted to watch me play with myself. I put the enclosed instructional DVD in the drive and pressed play then placed the cylinder cup over my shaved vulva and pressed it against my naked and exposed pussy flesh for good purchase. Then I started to pump with horny Harry watching intently from the bottom of the bed. He is a very naughty boy.  

The Vagina Cylinder pump is easy to operate and within moments had attached to me securely enough for me to let go. I could now feel the gentle pull on my labia lips and clitoris as it began to suck my whole pussy area in to the vacuum cup.

I could feel the rush of blood in to my vaginal area and the tingle created by the continual suction. In honesty I could feel the pull on my pussy lips and tension created by the cup but it wasn’t quite hitting the spot in terms of masturbatory pleasure. But I think this is where the Vagina Cylinder pump comes in to its own.

Whilst I may not have been taken to the heights of ecstasy I can well see how someone who is into this kind of stimulation would have been tripping the orgasmic fantango by now. And to be honest I felt slightly cheated that I hadn’t climaxed.

But I was misunderstanding the functionality of the Vagina Cylinder. It has a greater purpose that isn’t totally apparent at the start. Yes the labia and clitoris engorgement experience was extremely pleasant at the point I stopped pumping. I could have gone on longer but I think the far more experienced pussy pumpers would be suited to that. This is the wonderful thing about the Vagina Cylinder - its versatility. You can apply as little or as much suction as you like on your vagina.

Unbeknown to me there was a little surprise waiting.
I decided that I needed to come and come quickly. Although the Vagina Cylinder had sexually aroused me it hadn’t quite taken me to orgasmic heaven. Hitting the release valve with my right hand, I retrieved my favourite clitoris vibe from my bedside drawer with the other. That clitoris vibe was soon in place and working on my engorged love button. As soon as contact was made I knew the pussy pump had worked its magic. I was so fucking sensitive and only seconds later - not minutes - I was bucking and thrusting as I came. No preamble, no warning I just exploded in to the most mind blowing orgasm.

So one question remains.

Do I like pussy pumping with the Vagina Cylinder? The answer is simple and possibly for the most unexpected reasons. Yes, it is a fantastic pre clitoris play sex aid and I’ve yet to try fucking afterwards!
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