Pumped up pussies are very sexy to look at, very sexy to touch and stroke, very sexy to lick, and very sexy to poke with a penis. Use a high quality pussy / vagina vacuum puming system for puffed and pouty  labia love lips and a very erotic cameltoe crotch. A cameltoe, by the way,  is the tight, inviting, sexually arousing V shape made by the fullness of the outer labia being creased by panties or tight fitting shorts and jeans.The high quality pussy / vagina pumps on sale from this web site just what you need to achieve full, luscious labia lips that look good, feel good and fit tightly round a sex toy or erect penis!

Pussy / Vagina Pumps work in the same way as penis vacuum pumps. You apply the pump cylinder to your vagina, making sure there is a good seal between the perimeter and your genitals. Then you draw air into the cylinder by squeezing the attached bulb pump. This creates a vacuum suction effect which increases blood flow and draws the labia and clitoris into the cylinder. You leave it on for a few minutes and once you remove it you’ll experience greater all over vaginal sensitivity during masturbation or intercourse.

Ian Kerner, sex and relationship counselor and author of "She Comes First," has his own views on why women pump up their pussies: "Several years ago the FDA approved a clitoral therapy device for women who suffer from inhibited sexual arousal. The subject of low female desire is a controversial topic, but thispussy pumping therapy device was approved by the FDA and is basically a small vacuum pump that goes over the vulva and sucks air out, encouraging blood flow to the female genitals. I would have to say that the idea of using a vacuum pump to encourage blood flow to the female genitals is nothing new, but sexual-science research has shown that female desire is much more complex than merely facilitating blood flow to the pelvis."

As with penis pumps, a woman should start slow and work your way up and never leave the pussy pump on too long until your vagina gets used to vacuum pumping. Once an object of pleasure for fetish fans only, the pussy / vagina pump has now become more mainstream and is being enjoyed by an increasing number of women - and their partners - every day. The unique and possibly intimidating appearance of a pumped up vagina, including engorged labia lips, tends to deter some buyers from investigating further but the unique sensations and increased sexual intensity that pussy / vagina pumps an produce, make them well worth considering.

The purpose of a pussy pump is to create a vacuum over the labia / clitoris which will in turn make the tissue swell, encouraging more blood to flow and making the vaginal skin area much more sensitive to sexual stimulation. Whether you use a pussy pump alone or with a sexual partner, the unique sensations and gorgeously puffy cameltoe appearance are sure to be a fantastic turn on.

Pumping your pussy will leave it feeling ultra-sensitive and every touch, tingle and vibration will be heightened. This is perfect if you have trouble orgasming and ideal if you're looking for something new to spice up your bedroom activities.

How to Use a Pussy / Vagina Pump

Follow these simple procedures for a pumped up pussy, enlarged clitoris, puffy labia li[ps and beautifully sexy cameloe look:

Lubricate the outside edge of the pussy pump using a high quality lubricant such as Vulva Balm  which will help to create an air-tight seal.
Ensure that the quick-release valve, located beneath the pump bulb, is closed and only allowing air out, not in.
Press the pussy pump chamber against the desired area - some pumps fit over the entire vagina, others are designed for just the clit - making sure that you achieve a firm seal.
Keeping one hand on the pump chamber, compress the pump bulb until you feel suction.
Release the bulb and check the seal against your skin. The pump chamber should be held in place via suction only and it should not come away from the skin unless specifically pulled. If it has not yet sealed against your skin, continue to hold it in place and keep pumping!
Continue compressing and releasing the bulb of the pussy pump until you can feel and see your labia swelling in the chamber. It will feel a little strange at first, but it should not feel painful.
Once your skin is pressing against the chamber, you will find it hard to pump any further - this is the maximum you will be able to pump to.
Press the quick release valve below the bulb and allow air to enter the chamber.
Gently remove the pussy pump and enjoy the beautifully swollen, excitingly engorged look and amazing feel to your clitoris and vulva!

Pussy / Vagina Pump Safety

Here are a few basic safety points to remember when you indulge in pussy pumping sessions:

If you find you are experiencing any discomfort - stop pumping! It will feel a little strange at first but it should not cause any actual pain.
Do not over pump. Pumping to the maximum limit will lead to injury and possible damage to the pussy pump too.
Sex and masturbation are fine after pumping but remember to use lubricant - the vacuum sensation can cause dryness!
Cease use use of pump if you experience any pain or discomfort.

Most of all - have fun when you pump up your pussy - and afterwards when you and your partner enjoy the unique look and feel of a pumped up cameltoe style pussy, with engorged clitoris and puffy labia lips!
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