I have one, I use it all the time and it's great! I think all women should experiment witha pussy pump, It will do wonders to your pussy and you will become addicted. I have  Doc Johnson’s pink Kick Ass Pussy Pump. I spread Vulva Balm lubricant all around the edge of the suction cup and place it firmly on my shaved pussy. Then I pump it all the way and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. Once I take it off, my pussy becomes engorged, swollen, very wet and super sensitive to the touch. The sex is amazing with pumped up labia lips because the pussy is tighter and you have a better feel of your lover’s cock thrusting in and out. I suggest having your boyfriend or girlfriend pump it for you. It will turn both partners on and bring new meaning to great sex. Even if you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can still enjoy a pumped up pussy, partnered with a vibrator or a dildo.

I had always thought that pussy pumps were just a gimmick and  wouldn’t really work. I’m not sure why I thought this, but recently I read a review about pussy pumping and it occurred to me that they might indeed work, and that I should give one a try, so I went online and bought a Kick Ass Pussy Pump.

Pussy Pumping In A Nutshell: The Kick Ass Pussy Pump is a very simple device that works exactly as intended. A pussy pump cylinder cup fits over the vulva, and when suction is applied, the vacuum pressure draws blood to the entire vulva area, particularly the labia and clitoris.

What Is Awesome About Pussy Pumping: When a sex aid is so simple and works exactly as intended, it’s very refreshing. This product is dead simple to use - a hard plastic cup that provides an adequate seal against the pussy, which should be shaved for best results, with a way to quickly attach a vacuum pumping bulb and a safety quick release valve.

What The Pussy Pump Does: Well, it’s pink, and all it does is pump up your pussy, with no vibration and no stimulation. Absolutely othing fancy. I like simplicity, but for someone who wants knock your socks off stimulation this won’t do the trick. But what it will do is get your labia lips and clitoris primed up and ultra sensitive for mind blowing solo or mutual sex action.

The Kick Ass Pussy Pump, from Doc Johnson, features a cup made from hard ABS plastic. The cup is four inches long and is ergonomically designed to fit over the vulva and create a seal. Being made from hard ABS plastic, the cylinder cup is non porous can can be cleaned with a 10% bleach solution for sharing, if desired, or simply washed will with soap and water and allowed to air dry. Connecting to the cup via a long flexible hose is the the bulb that can be pumped to create the vacuum. This bulb sits comfortably in your hand - the hose is plenty long enough - while the cup sits over top of the vulva. As an added bonus, the hose can be detached from the cup when adequate suction has been applied, without loss of suction, and your labia lips and clitoris remain engorged inside the cylinder cup. The hose features a quick release button at the base of the bulb that releases the pressure very quickly, and the cup itself has a small bleed valve that can be pressed to release pressure as well. Its quick to go on, easy to make it stay on, and easy to remove when you’ve had enough. Which is, pretty much, exactly what you want out of a pussy pump.

So logistics of use aside, how well does  the Kick Ass Pussy Pump work? Excellently!

First things first – pubic hair and assorted decorations. Both counteract the ability of the pump to maintain suction. Pubic hair makes it tougher to get a seal all around the cup, and some genital piercings may end up exactly in a spot where the vulva skin wants to make a seal with the hard plastic cup. The good news is that in both cases these challenges can be easily overcome. With pubic hair, shaving or trimming is an option, but if you’re not into that what you can do is liberally coat the area, including the inside of the cup, with a good lube - I use Vulva Balm - in order to force a seal. I have found that even at my bushiest, I can still get enough of a seal to effectively pump my pussy, although I was unable to get the vacuum to stay and had to periodically pump a bit more to stop the cup from slipping off. Genital piercings are easier to accommodate. Simply position the cup so that the piercing won’t interfere. There is a lot of variability in how far forward or back the cup can be placed, so it should be possible to find an orientation that works.

Of course, there are limits to everything, and really large genital piercings might be a deal breaker. If, however, you use the pussy pump when your pubic hair is trimmed and / or shaved, and don’t have really unique genital decorations, it will work brilliantly.

It’s very pleasurable pumping up your vulva. The first few pumps make my outer labia lips swell to full the volume of the cup, pulling them upwards and inwards as they inflate. Pumping beyond the first few pumps feels very different, like a big fat hickey is being given to the entire vulva. After a while in the pumped up state, the inner folds of my vagina exhibit heightened sensitivity, and can I feel every brush with other skin, with the sides of the cup, or the toch of a finger, tongue or my lover’s penis.

After even more pumped up time, I feel highly aroused. My vulva feels swollen and filled with pleasant pressure. I love having my engorged clitoris sucked during oral sex, so that probably contributes to my enjoyment of this feeling. When released from the cup, my vulva feels big and floppy and almost alien to my body, but exquisitely sensitive and receptive to touches. The orgasms I have after pumping are way more intense.
A Personal Pussy / Vagina Vacuum Pumping Experience Described
Pussy Pumps And Vagina Pumps For Enlarged Vaginas, Labia Love Lips And Enhanced Cameltoe Vulvas
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