Buy The ‘Vagina Pumping Cylinder’ Online To Pump Up Your Whole Vulva Area - Pussy / Labia / Clitoris
Vagina Pumping Cylinder For A Puffy Pussy, Bigger Labia Lips, Tighter Penis Grip, More Pleasurable Sex
Vagina Cylinder For Pumping - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

The high quality Vagina Pumping Cylinder, as used by female pussy pumping pros to:
Enhance the overall look of the vagina.
Increase the puffyness of their labia lips.
Engorge and arouse the clitoris.
Tighten the pussy against a penis during penetrative sex.
Create a very sexy cameltoe look under tight jeans or swim wear.

This is a high-quality Vagina Pumping Cylinder cup made of industrial-grade clear acrylic Plexiglas. The Vagina Pumping Cylinder fits completely over the vulva for a perfect vacuum fit. Connect a suitable vacuum pump and watch your labia lips swell and get sucked into the cup.

Pussy Pumping - aka Vagina Pumping - is now very popular with women who want to flaunt their sexuality, not only for how sexy a woman’s pussy looks after pumping as that arousing and enticing Cameltoe protrudes through the crease of a tight pair of jeans, but how incredible those swollen labia lips feel to the touch or when they are wrapped round the erect penis of your lover!

Pussy Pumping - aka Vagina Pumping - also increases labia and clitoral sensitivity and leaves that full, swollen sensation to heighten oral sex, penetrative sex or masturbation.   

These Vagina Pumping Cylinder cups are made of sturdy acrylic, easy to clean and designed for comfort and long life usage!

Whether you want to pump your pussy for the pleasure of increasing the amount of blood in your vaginal area or want a regimented pumping schedule in order to permanently increase the size of your labia or clitoris, this Vagina Pumping Cylinder is an excellent choice. Hand crafted of the finest, industrial-strength clear acrylic providing a better seal and ultra-comfortable base. It tapers toward the top to match the natural shape of your pubic area anatomy. A state-the-art air valve allows for quick and easy disconnection from the pump while maintaining pressure within the cylinder.

The Vagina Pumping Cylinder fits completely over the vagina, and when a Brass Hand Pump is attached and used it creates a vacuum, causing the labia to swell and tingle. For added pleasure, alone or with a partner. One size fits all.
Online Price : $72.00
Vagina Cylinder For Pumping - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Vagina Cylinder For Pumping
Labia And Clitoris Enhancement: Buy This High Quality Vagina Pumping Cylinder Online To Pump Up Your Whole Vulva Area - Pussy / Labia / Clitoris

This Vagina Pumping Cylinder attachment allows the user to pump up her pussy, increasing the sensitivity around the labia lips, clitoris and vaginal opening. A freshly pumped up pussy is the perfect prelude to any kind of kinky sex play.

Pussy pumping, also called female pumping or vaginal pumping, works by covering the vulva with a cup-shaped cylinder that attaches to a special vacuum pump. The pump sucks the air out of the cup, which creates a vacuum and makes the labia swell. If you pump your pussy with this high quality Vagina Pumping Cylinder on a regular basis you can make your labia permanently larger with time. For best enlargement results alternate your pumping sessions with some labia stretching.

Vagina Pumping Cylinder FAQs

Does Pussy Pumping with this Vagina Pumping Cylinder really work?

Yes! Pussy pumping works the same way as working out in a gym for developing the muscle mass of your legs, arms, shoulders, etc. The vaginal muscle mass is stretched and engorge to develop larger with the vacuum suction.

Can I use any Pumping Device with this Vagina Pumping Cylinder?  

No! The Vagina Pumping Cylinder is designed to be used with the Deluxe Pump or Efficient Hand Pump for the proper fit of the connector and the best function for measurements with the vacuum suction meter for accuracy and consistency.

Why can't I get enough vacuum? It seems like it's leaking air somehow?

This is usually indicative of an improper seal, either due to excess pubic hair or bumps in the skin of the vagina or not enough lube being used for the seal. Always be sure the area is completely hair free by shaving and use lots of lubricant. Yu can never have too much lube! Also, try to be sure the base is always as flat and flush with the surface of the body as possible.

How long do my Pussy Pumping sessions need to be?

Generally, the more often you pump your pussy using this Vagina Pumping Cylinder, the more dramatic the results. We recommend pussy pumping sessions of 20 minutes to half an hour repeated daily, for best results. However,  apply vacuum pressure for no more than 10 minutes at a time. Release vacuum pressure and remove the cup for a few minutes between each 10-minute pumping interval. And remember to give yourself some "time-off" after a week or so of pumping for the best results.

What is a Camel Toe or Cameltoe?

Camel toe is the tight V shape with the slight cleavage made by the fullness of the outer labia being "creased" by panties or tight fitting shorts and jeans.

Vagina Pumping Cylinder For A Puffy Pussy, Bigger Labia Lips, Tighter Penis Grip, More Pleasurable Sex
The Deluxe Brass Hand Pump  is for use with a cylinder that has an Air Pressure Valve. Its use with a suitable cylinder creates a vacuum that engorges and enlarges tissues by creating a partial vacuum seal around the vagina that pulls out the labia and clitoris.
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