Buy High Quality ‘Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager’ Online For Medical Role Playing P-Spot / Progasm Pleasure
Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager For P-Spot Stimulation / Progasms And Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager - For Medical Fetish / Progasm Sex Play Pleasure

Ergonomically designed to target the prostate gland, the stainless steel Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager delivers firm, controlled massage to the male P-spot.

Whether manually controlled, or activated with the user’s own sphincter muscles, the Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager prods the P-spot with precision. Cast in 316 grade stainless steel, and hand-polished to a mirror shine, the 316 material provides superior corrosion resistance, a deliciously deep and lustrous finish, and added strength and toughness.

The Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager Product Details:

Overall Length: 4.75in (12.06cm)
Insertable Length: 3.25in (8.25cm)
Diameter (at head): 1.25in (3.17cm)
Circumference (at head): 4in (10.16cm)
Weight: 0.68 lb (11 oz)
Flared stem for hands-off play

Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager Safety, Care and Usage:

All Njoy products are non-porous, and can be cleaned and/or sterilized by any means. Stainless steel has low specific heat, which means that it’s cold to the touch, but will warm rapidly to body temperature. If you are partial to temperature or sensation play, a few minutes in the fridge will provide a rather chilling experience; and likewise a short dip in a bowl of warm water will yield a luxuriously warm and sensual touch for your prostate massaging pleasure. About the only thing you can do to damage your lovely Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager is to use  
Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager - For Medical Fetish / Progasm Sex Play
Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager
Online Price : $88.00
Buy High Quality ‘Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager’ Online For Medical Role Playing P-Spot / Progasm Pleasure

“I adore the pure style of Njoy sex toys. They are one of my favorite sex toy brands, and it’s no surprise that they are also one of the most popular steel sex toy brands. I’m a fan of their dildos and plugs, and I recently obtained the Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager, and was pretty much smitten from the start. This anal plug is body safe, eco–friendly, and high quality. Made of stainless steel, it is sleek and weighty in the hand. Steel is one of those sex toy materials that is so great because it can be boiled to be fully sanitized, it also holds temperature well so that it can be cooled down in a bowl of ice water or warmed in a bowl of warm water. It also is compatible with all types of lubricant, and it’s a material that lasts and won’t break or fall apart. The Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager is an anal plug that is meant for P-spot / prostate play in men, but it’s also great for G-spot play in women as well as a nice butt plug for either sex. It comes in the signature Njoy black box that is hinged with ribboned sides and features a plus foam lined with pink satin. This box is great for  storage, and it’s a pretty box that makes the Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager look splendid before you even reach out and touch it. The Pfun Plug is almost 5 inches in length with 3.5 insertable, while the rest is the handle. The handle features a rounded finger hole for easy grasping, it also works as a flared base so that it’s safe as an anal toy, so you can use the plug without worrying about it getting lost internally. The bulbed tip measures 1.25 in girth and features a curved and tapered head. The body is quite beautiful, non-porous, and shiny. Since it’s metal it’s also weighty and adds a feeling of heavy fullness once inserted. The neck of the Pfun Plug is curved, while the tip of the bulb is tapered for easier insertion, it’s also curved for pin-point prostate or G-spot stimulation. The plug is smooth, sleek, and feels nice to the touch. Since the plug is steel, a little bit of lube goes a long way, and the lube doesn’t dry up as much on steel as it would on say, plastic for example. The steel is cold to the touch but can be warmed up beneath the faucet of warm water or soaked in a bowl of warm water. Don’t use hot water as it would make the steel extremely hot and dangerous to use on your sensitive nether regions. Alternatively, you can make the temperature of the steel cool by placing it in the fridge for a few minutes or by soaking it in a bowl of icy cold water for 5 minutes of so. To fully sanitize the Njoy Pfun Plug, especially since most likely this toy would be used anally, you can fully sterilize the steel by boiling in hot water, it can also be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and warm water, toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. Silicone and water based lubes work really well with this toy, and I found that silicone lube works great with it when used anally since silicone is sleeker than most water-based lubes and it tends to last much longer. To insert, simple add some of your favorite lube and work the tip into your ass. Once inserted, the bulb curves to rest against the man’s prostate, or if you’re a female like me, it just feels really darn good adding a curved feeling inside the ass. You can wear the plug for as long as you like, all day if it’s comfortable for you. The slightly heavy feeling adds sensation, and the Pfun Plug can be worn during masturbation or sex. You can even hold a massager against the base of the plug to add vibration that will travel up its body. To remove the plug, simply grasp your finger into the handle, relax your ass, and then plug out. You can also plug the plug out during an orgasm which can sometimes intensify the feeling. For men, wearing the Pfun Plug allows for pressure and stimulation to press against the prostate gland. The neck feels comfy in the ass, the bulb is stimulating, and the handle feels comfortable between your butt cheeks while wearing it. You can also use the Pfun Plug in the vagina and use it to stimulate the G-spot by thrusting, or by holding a massager against the base to allow vibration to travel through the steel and vibrate against the G-spot. I really like how pretty the Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager is, the fit, and the fact that it’s made of quality material and features an awesome design. This would make an awesome beginner anal plug for both men and women, and for the anal pro, it definitely offers comfort and functionality.”

“My doctor suggested that I look into prostate massage now that I am approaching 60 rather than taking medications. Being a compulsive person, I checked out every P-spot massager on the market before purchasing the Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager. Face it, even at my doctor's direction, its still a sensitive area and I didn't want to make a mistake that would compromise my health. Cost actually was a secondary concern. Yes, Njoy could have saved money on the packaging, a wooden box, cardboard sleeve, satin lining, etc does seem over the top for a sex toy. But the Pfun Plug itself is amazing. Perfectly finished, medical grade, stainless steel, it seems to come alive in your hands as it picks up your body heat. While it looks large to a neophyte and feels heavy, it slips into place effortlessly and painlessly. I had no problem with it sliding out due to its pinched waist design. Best of all, when you do need to remove it, its contours allow it to be removed painlessly. The rest is bliss, including the clean up since medical grade stainless is completely non-porous. You can boil it, wash it in bleach solution, run it thru your dishwasher and it still will come out gleaming. This is a lot of money for a P-spot massager and good silicone imitations are available. But the Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager is as safe as this sort of thing can be, provides a unique experience due to its weight and will last forever. I'm so happy with it, I'm going to start collecting the entire Njoy line.”

Njoy Pfun Plug Prostate Massager For P-Spot Stimulation / Progasms And Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
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