Buy High Quality ‘Nexus Revo Prostate Massager’ Online For Medical Role Playing P-Spot / Progasm Pleasure
Nexus Revo Prostate Massager For P-Spot Stimulation / Progasms And Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Nexus Revo Prostate Massager - For Medical Fetish / Progasm Sex Play Pleasure

The Nexus Revo Prostate Massager is a true revolution in male sexual health and pleasure! The Nexus Revo is the first ever prostate massager to feature an independently moving head. Employing calibrated internal mechanisms, the motion of the head is driven by a powerful motor that gives maximum strength to the force of the rotation.

The Nexus Revo Prostate Massager also boasts an external perineum stimulator which features two deep vibration patterns and raised pleasure nodules. This works in conjunction with the rotating head to create a dual sensation which promises to take the user into sensory overdrive and help him achieve prostate orgasms - progasms - like never before.

Nexus Revo Prostate Massager Specifications:

Length - 5 1/2"
Insertable Length - 3 1/2"
Girth - 3 3/4" around at largest (head)
Width - 1.4" at widest (head)
Material - Silicone, ABS plastic
Powered by - 2 x AA batteries
Hygienic and hypoallergenic,
Boasts 3 stimulation settings
Color - Purple

The Nexus Revo Prostate Massager features an independently moving head which revolves inside the body to give a deep, thorough massage where it matters most. Precision engineered to fit the contours of the male anal anatomy, the rotating head works in conjunction with a pulsating perineum stimulator to create a dual sensation which will awaken your orgasm to explosive results!

The Nexus Revo Prostate Massager is made from phthalate free silicone for increased hygiene and optimum comfort. The smooth and velvety texture feels amazing to touch and also keeps lubricant well, meaning you don’t have to reapply. As with all silicone toys, always remember to use a water-based lubricant. The Revo features a moving head which rubs up against the prostate and a vibrating perineal stimulator for added sensation.
Nexus Revo Prostate Massager - For Medical Fetish / Progasm Sex Play
Nexus Revo Prostate Massager
Online Price : $169.99
Buy High Quality ‘Nexus Revo Prostate Massager’ Online For Medical Role Playing P-Spot / Progasm Pleasure

Solomon Cox, Tantric Massage Expert: "Nexus Revo Prostate Massager is a must have sex aid for all prostate pleasure enthusiasts. I was amazed at how powerful the internal rotation is - it massages the prostate firmly and consistently, unlike any other device I have tried. The strong yet smooth mechanism allows a level of prostate pleasure that I have not found from a P spot massager before. Putting it simply, the Nexus Revo is a revolution in progasm pleasuring.”

Behold the next step in the evolution of prostate massagers, the Revo from Nexus. Take a tried and proven shape and add a rotational function to the tip for a new experience in P-spot massage. A separate vibe with two patterns adds to the stimulation of the perineum for all around enjoyment. Sized just right for prostate massage virgins and advanced users alike, anyone can enjoy the Nexus Revo.

Nexus is well known for top quality prostate massage products. Their designs are effective, well thought out and are enjoted by men all over the World. It's no wonder that they continue the innovation by creating a rotating P-spot massager - the Nexus Revo Prostate Massager - that uniquely targets the P-spot and perineum.

Just apply you favorite water based lube to your anus and the Nexus Revo, insert and hit the easy to use control button. Enjoy the rotation as it caresses your prostate or add the vibes to the mix to stimulate your perineum with a series of massaging nubs.

Nexus Revo Prostate Massager Material / Texture:

Nexus has used 100% silicone for the top 3/4 of the Revo. It has a matte finish that has a bit of drag - this helps to hold onto the lube. Once the lube is applied it becomes very slick and insertion is effortless. The tip of the insertable section is soft and has some give until you get to the bottom of the first bulge. This allows the mechanical elements room to move. Bellow the first bulge the silicone has only a slight bit of give as it is covering the plastic form, this just helps to keep the toy in place and give your anus something firm to hold onto. The small nubs on the base of the toy are soft and pliable.

The lower portion of the Revo is firm plastic. It houses the vibe for the perineum, the two AA batteries and provides the backbone so the rotational function can perform.

Nexus Revo Prostate Massager Design / Shape / Size:

The shape and size is very similar to the rest of the Nexus line, great for beginners to anal / P-spot / perineum play and pleasurable for advanced users as well. The shape zeros in on the prostate with ease and makes it easy for inexperienced prostate players to find theirs.  

The tip of the Revo measures 1 3/8" diameter, (3 7/8" circumference) and is oval in shape. The second bulge comes in slightly less in diameter at 1 1/4" at its widest but is overall bigger in circumference at 4". This is because this bulge is more rounded. Down 4" from the tip the neck measures an anus relaxing 3/4" diameter. This helps to keep the Revo in during use. The perineum section comes out from the neck 2 1/2" which should work for most bodies.

The base is somewhat large so sitting on it may not be the most comfortable. It is best to use the Revo in a laying down position. The instruction advise to use the standard P-spot position of laying on your side with one knee pulled up. This works fine but does not give much access to your penis nor does it work well for partner play. It can be worn while standing or walking around but it may want to slip out. For this some tight fitting manties will do the trick. During sex, some positions will work better than others for keeping the Revo in place. A little experimentation will be in order.

Nexus Revo Prostate Massager Performance:

The Nexus Revo shines in the performance department. Controls are right at your fingertips by way of a single on/off button positioned at the end of the perineum portion. A single push of the button starts the rotation, a second push gives you a pulse vibe pattern and a third press gives you a escalating/pulsing pattern. One last press of the button turns it off.

The top bulge has a strong rotational action that until now only the high end rabbit toys for the ladies could offer. You will find it very hard to stop that tip from turning. Even when clenching my buns of steel all I could manage was to slow it down slightly, this just made the base move more. There is definite power here. The tip has about 3/4" of overall travel which makes for about a 1 1/2" circle, plenty to thoroughly massage the prostate. It can also be used to massage the anal opening by only inserting the tip in the anus.

The rotation can barely be heard when in front of you and is totally quiet once inserted. The vibes are slightly louder but are easily cover by a blanket.

Nexus Revo Prostate Massager Care and Maintenance:

Since the Nexus Revo is not waterproof, care must be taken when cleaning. There is a small O-ring around the battery compartment but this only makes it splash proof at best. Hold the toy so that the batteries are up and rinse of the antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. You could also use a toy wipe to clean off the Revo. The only other somewhat hard part about cleaning the Revo is the nubs on the base. An old tooth brush will help here.

Nexus Revo Prostate Massager Packaging:

Not only to you get a top notch toy, you get high quality packaging too. Your Revo comes in a clam shell style box that slides inside an outer sleeve. Inside, the Revo's base is nestled in a foam cutout. Under this foam piece is an instructional booklet and a plastic card. Nexus also supplies a toy pouch to store your toy, in case you need a smaller storage option.  

The box is discreet. Someone seeing it on a shelf may just pass it off as a computer game or something. If they happen to pick it up and read the back you secret will be revealed. Still, the box would be nice for gift giving to a trusted friend/companion.

Nexus Revo Prostate Massager Experience:

This is fast becoming my favorite P-spot pleasure object. I have wanted a rotating massager for anal use for some time. During an orgasm my anus could crush a can, so I need something with a good strong motor. Nexus gave me that motor in the Revo. I can only hope the next version has more options in the rotation department. My high ranking of the "Vrooms" reflects the strength of the rotation.

The vibes are a nice addition and provide good external stimulation but for some reason that does nothing for me. Most of the time I do not even turn them on during solo use. They are nice when using it during sex with the wife, she says she can feel the vibes through my shaft so she gets some extra stimulation as well.

I found the best way to keep it in during sex is with me on my back and the wife on top or in the doggie position. Other positions require a hand now and then to keep it in. I have had good luck wearing around the house with the help of underwear, although feeling the rotation is sort of hard when walking.

All in all, the Nexus Revo Prostate Massager is a great addition to my toy box. I will highly recommend it to anyone looking for something new in the P-spot massage department.

Nexus Revo Prostate Massager For P-Spot Stimulation / Progasms And Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
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