Buy High Quality ‘Lelo Bob Prostate Massager’ Online For Medical Role Playing P-Spot / Progasm Pleasure
Lelo Bob Prostate Massager For P-Spot Stimulation / Progasms And Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Lelo Bob Prostate Massager - For Medical Fetish / Progasm Sex Play Pleasure

Bob is another fantastic luxury male sex toy from the high quality, ergonomically designed Lelo range. Part pleasure object, part work of art, the Lelo Bob Prostate Massager is expertly sculpted to provide exquisite sensations to the prostate and deliver a blissful anal massage.

The luxury, silicone Lelo Bob Prostate Massager has a rounded body with a gently angled middle that forms the pleasure point.

The strong built-in ring at the base allows full control of your experience.

The Lelo Bob Prostate Massager is suitable for both private solo pleasure and extra prostate stimulation, massage or milking during medical role playing or advanced sex sessions. Just lubricate Lelo Bob and your anus, then gently slip it inside, making sure it curves up towards your stomach in order to hit the prostate gland.

The Lelo Bob Prostate Massager has been ergonomically designed to contour to the male body, thus providing the ultimate in anal P-spot stimulation. It has an easy to grip ring making for confident insertion and safe but highly pleasurable prostate play. The high quality silicone material is incredibly smooth and seamless.

The Lelo Bob Prostate Massager is a wonderful pleasure instrument for experienced P-spot massagers but also perfect for beginners to anal play. If you want to explore anal play this is the toy to try. The size is not intimidating yet the prostate massage it delivers is incredibly powerful.
Lelo Bob Prostate Massager - For Medical Fetish / Progasm Sex Play Pleasure
Lelo Bob Prostate Massager
Online Price : $40.00
Buy High Quality ‘Lelo Bob Prostate Massager’ Online For Medical Role Playing P-Spot / Progasm Pleasure

“The Lelo Bob Prostate Massager is a beautiful silicone gentleman's pleasure object. Shaped like an elongated teardrop in either Bordeaux wine-red or a deep blue, Lelo Bob is immediately recognizable as a butt plug of the highest calibre. While it offers similar progasm sensations, Lelo Bob manages to avoid any of the medical or technical look that other prostate massagers such as the Nexus range sport. Instead it's got a simple but perfectly formed ergonomic shape, free of any seams and moulded in smooth but firm silicone, the ultimate material for the ass or indeed any other intimate orifice. Lelo Bob is a relatively small size which, combined with the appealing shape, would make him a good toy for someone new but enthusiastic about exploring the whole range of new sensations that anal play can bring. Bob is very easy to insert, he literally glides inside with almost no effort at all. A covering of lube on you and Bob means that once the tip has been gently inserted the rest of the toy just glides in, Bob is literally sucked into your body - and don't let the size fool you - when Bob is in the feeling is instantly noticeable. Even sitting down is comfortable as the 'O' ring of silicone at the bottom readily collapses on itself, unlike more rigid toys with more traditional flared ends that can be uncomfortable to have inside you while sat down. With Bob inside me I immediately feel closer to orgasm, and am tempted to masturbate furiously for the inevitably enhanced orgasm. I don't have any experiencess of multiple mind-blowing prostate induced orgasms, my Lelo Bob is still a great anal toy. What Bob is fantastic for is amplifying existing ejaculatory pleasure. With Bob is in place, every sensation feels intensified. To be fair, the same thing happens with a lot of anal toys, or even a finger, such is the nature of anal / prostate play - but Bob does a fantastic job. The smooth, pliable silicone is well balanced in your hand, but feels incredible inside you. The ergonomic design and the smooth texture and heat retaining nature of silicone all result in Bob feeling 'just right inside you. While he's noticeable he is never uncomfortable, just sitting there giving your body a little extra something to flex around. Orgasm and sexual arousal is a tricky beast to fully understand, but I do know that a fair amount of muscle contractions are involved. Now with Bob inside you, each one of those contractions, from the occasional routine one when you hand first strokes your cock, to the intense ones in the build up to orgasm, are incredibly noticeable, you can literally feel them contracting around Bob. With the amplified pleasure, I found that orgasm came quicker - and when it did - wow. This is where you get all the benefit of Bob. Orgasms felt more intense, causing my body to almost double up and copious amounts of come to be produced. I can only imagine how fantastic the resulting orgasm from sex or oral sex with this in would feel - hopefully one day I'll have a partner open-minded enough to try this out. As well as feeling stronger, my orgasm was longer lasting, with numerous waves of pleasure before, during and after ejaculation. Anal play is an avenue well worth exploring for any man or woman, and if your interest is already aroused then the Lelo Bob Prostate Massager would be a fantastic partner in starting to explore more of your body. I heartily recommend it and can see it becoming a regular piece of my sexual arsenal!”

“Remarkable; a real piece of unique design. There is nothing about the Lelo Bob Prostate Massager that isn't perfect. The design is of perfect balance. The engineering results in pure architectural brilliance. The smooth, seamless shape feels great wherever you place it. It arrives in a black box, in simple, pressed print is the branding 'LELO'. The lid slides up smoothly and and inside is Bob, held in place by moulded plastic, it is presented like world class jewellery. Under the first layer of plastic, you see Bob in his perfect form, matt in colour. Your fingers touch the surface and it's impossibly smooth. Taking hold of the ring, which feels so natural to the touch you lever it out of the box. The head snuggles right into your palm. It is light, yet it had some weight inside. You turn it in your hand, rolling it between your fingers. It turns smoothlyl. The branding highlighted, yet not intrusive. Yes, the Lelo Bob Prostate Massager is truly an object of great beauty. Under the sturdy smoked plastic is a small pearl white silk bag to keep the precious object in when not in the box. Under that is a year warranty and a small instruction leaflet. It is short, simple and not in the slightest way patronising. This is more then just a sex object, it is the finest of erotic sculptures. Inserting Lelo Bob is painless. Although it is smooth, lube just enhances the sensations of pleasure. Your anal ring wants nothing other than to become acquainted with it. There is lust, passion, it is drawn in. After the largest thickness, it quickly slides in. Lelo Bob knows where to go. It homes in on its target and presses the P-spot and you're gone. You can control it as you like. The ring makes it possible to piston in and out, no matter how slippery it gets, or you can allow it to just find its own way. You are in good hands with Lelo Bob. If you want to have any example as to when bigger is not always better then get this little gem. He will be there for you. He will be there with you. He will be there, in you. A must-have object, a must-have piece of art. It's time to become a collector of fine art.”

Lelo Bob Prostate Massager For P-Spot Stimulation / Progasms And Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
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