Vibrating Pleasure Periscope - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

Up periscope and watch yourself cumming with the Vibrating Pleasure Periscope from California Exotics! For the very kinky brigade of sexual adventurers, this is a hi-tech vibrating vaginal or anal probe with built-in periscope light and viewing window so you can see all the intimate, wet and throbbing internal action. The Vibrating Pleasure Periscope is an intimate self-examiner and self-stimulator - or use with a partner!

The Vibrating Pleasure Periscope is the ultimate combination of pleasure and exploration. With the push of a button the vibrations begin and with another push a light illuminates and through the viewer window you and / or your partner can see inside the vagina or anus. Please note that the light does become warm, if uncomfortable turn off the light.

Simple push-button controls let you use just the vibrator, just the light or both together.
Explore the innermost hidden recesses of your pleasure zones!

How the Vibrating Pleasure Periscope measures up:

Length: 8.75 inches
Insertable: 5 inches
Circumference: 3.25 inches
Diameter: 1.0 inches
Vibrating Pleasure Periscope - Probe For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Vibrating Pleasure Periscope
Online Price : $39.50
Vibrating Pleasure Periscope - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

“Using the Vibrating Pleasure Periscope anally was just as adventurous and sexy as trying it vaginally. Beforehand, I cleaned it with soap and water, and wiped the glass down with some alcohol, letting it dry off. I used a generous amount of lube from tip to base and then slowly inserted the Periscope tip inside of me. My asshole instantly welcomed it in. It slipped deep inside my anal cavity where I could see the tightness of my pink from the viewing window. Seeing the light disappear into my asshole was nothing less than remarkable and extremely filthy, especially as it went deeper inside of me. As my asshole slightly gapes, it is as if it wants more of the Vibrating Pleasure Periscope inside of me so I could see absolutely everything. When the vibration was on, it was hard to not cum instantly. The vibration circulated from my ass and all over my body. I loved it so much that I spent more time exploring my anal cavity with the Vibrating Pleasure Periscope than in my juicy cunt. I can’t stress enough that the Vibrating Pleasure Periscope was made for the truly perverted. My partner and I are planning to use it for our medical role-playing sessions, and I myself plan on using it on a weekly basis. Don’t be afraid to be self-indulgent. The Vibrating Pleasure Periscope enforces you to glorify in your inner pinkness. Don’t be afraid to explore every pleasure hole (hell, have fun inserting the probe in the ear, the nose… be silly and random with it!). Luckily enough, this toy is a breeze to clean, just wipe down with soap and water or wipe down with isopropyl alcohol. However, since this toy is not sterilizable, take extra precautions with cleaning, sharing with a partner, and inserting it in the vagina and/or asshole! The light at the tip of the probe can get hot if you keep it on for about an hour or so, but I assure you, it doesn’t get hot or even warm when it is inside of you. It is fairly safe. A little bit of condensation appears in the glass after using it many times, but it doesn’t fog the sight of your pink orifices from the viewing window... it’s still crystal clear! The viewing window doesn’t get that dirty, but if and when it does, just wipe it down with alcohol or with soap and water. I can’t imagine how this toy could get any better. The Vibrating Pleasure Periscope is simple, seemingly ordinary, slightly foreign, but is one of the filthiest toys that one can own, which is why I absolutely love it.

“Those of you who enjoyed playing doctor and patient as a child in a kindergarten can now get full adult horny doctor and sexy nurse kinky satisfaction. I could not stop myself from buying a crazy gadget named the Vibrating Pleasure Periscope. The first thing you think of looking at this Vibrating Pleasure Periscope is that it's probably designed for those who are totally fed up with the usual sex toys. Or, perhaps, for people who have special fetish style ideas about how to improve their sex technique.”

“The Vibrating Pleasure Periscope is the product that medical play sex fetishists and perverted pink-hole enthusiasts dream of. I have always been fascinated by the internal workings of my pussy and being able to view and see the wondrous land of warm, juicy pink. The thought of exploring and examining the inside of my - or my partner’s - pleasure orifices just gets me ridiculously wet and rabidly horny. With the Vibrating Pleasure Periscope, I could literally see my juices flow from the very place where it erupts. It’s amazing, fascinating, and absolutely filthy and dirty.”

“The Vibrating Pleasure Periscope incorporates two sex pleasure devices in one: a vibrator and a periscope. I even wouldn't dare to call it a sex toy as it resembles much more a professional gynecologist’s vaginal and anal intimate examination tool. But it vibrates! And the vibe itself is excellent. Me and my boyfriend are a very uninhibited couple and we have had a lot of sexy fun with it. First of all, we decided to find my G-spot to clear up finally how it looks. The idea was that combining vibration and visualization effects would certainly help. After the half-hour multiorgasmic session my boyfriend assured me that he watched this enigmatic spot with his own eyes. I also was trying to see at least something distinct during the sex session. It is quite possible as the Vibrating Pleasure Periscope's special viewer window allows self-examining, too. It was interesting to consider the female orgasm from a gynecologist point of view.”
Medical Fetishism Pleasure - Vibrating Pleasure Periscope For Self Examination - See Yourself Cumming!
Vibrating Pleasure Periscope - Probe For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure From California Exotics
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