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147 - Elbow Grease Original Cream Lube Pail - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Buy High Quality Wartenberg Pinwheels Online - Authentic Instrument For Medical Fetish Role Playing Pleasure
Medical Grade Wartenberg Pinwheels For Realistic Medical / Sensory / Nerve Fetish Role Playing Pleasure
Medical Grade Wartenberg Pinwheels - For Medical / Serve Fetish Sex Play
161 - KinkLab Wartenberg Pinwheel with Leather Sheath - For Medical / Nerve Fetish
Buy High Quality Wartenberg Pinwheels Online - Authentic Instrument For Medical / Sensory / Nerve Fetish Role Playing Pleasure

What Exactly Is A Wartenberg Pinwheel: A Wartenberg Wheel, also called a Wartenberg Pinwheel or Wartenberg Neurowheel, is a real medical instrument for neurological use. It wasused by doctors to test nerve reactions or sensitivity as it was rolled systematically across the skin. A medical grade Wartenberg Pinwheel is generally made of stainless steel with a handle of approximately seven inches in length. The pinwheel, which has evenly spaced radiating sharp pins, rotates around as it is rolled across the flesh. A disposable plastic version is also available. Because of hygienic concerns, Wartenberg Pinwheel are rarely used for medical purposes, but are becoming popular devices in the fetish community for medical role playing and sensory or nerve stimulation sessions. Wartenberg Pinwheels can be used on shoulders, feet or palms of hands for a relaxing, tension-releasing form of body stimulation, or on breasts, nipples, buttocks or the the genital areas of both men and women for a more intense sensation.

History Of The Wartenberg Pinwheel: The Wartenburg Pinwheel was invented by Dr Robert Wartenberg, a Belorussian neurologist working in Germany during the Nazi occupation. In 1935 he escaped Germany and moved to San Francisco, where he became clinical professor of neurology at the University of California. During his tenure, he invented an instrument to test nerve reactions in the skin. It was made of stainless steel and had a seven inch handle with a sharp, spiked wheel at the end that could be rolled over the skin to test the pain receptors on the skin’s surface. The Wartenberg Wheel is still occasionally used for neurological testing, but BDSM and medical role playing fetishists have come up with more interesting uses for this type of device.

Using The Wartenberg Pinwheel For Fetish Pleasure: To use a Wartenberg Pinwheel for either medical role playing or fetishistic sensation play, the Dominant partner places the spiked pinwheel against the submissive partner’s skin and rolls it up and down. The pinwheel turns smoothly and the spikes make contact with the skin, creating the sensation that this tool is famous - or infamous - for. When light pressure is applied, the sensation is a distinct pricking feeling, as though sharp objects are being placed against your skin, but are not piercing it. If more pressure is applied, the pricking can become painful, and sufficient pressure will cause the skin to be punctured. The Wartenberg Pinwheel may be used on many different body parts - your imagination will probably provide plenty of possibilities.

Versatile Medical Role Playing With The Wartenberg Pinwheel: The Wartenberg Pinwheel is a genuine medical instrument that can provide more versatility and sensory sex play possibilities than many other products. The Wartenberg Pinwheel delivers an intensely sensational experience that can vary from vanilla tickling and teasing to extreme BDSM torment. When the Wartenberg Pinwheel rolls over the skin, it generates a tingling or prickling sensation when used with a light touch – or it can actually pierce the surface of the skin, if used more intensely. The intensity of the experience can be heightened through a variety of techniques, including:

Using sensory deprivation devices such as masks, blindfolds or hoods
Indulging in temperature play by heating the pinwheel with warm tap water, or cooling it in the refrigerator
Using an electro sex device such as a Violet Wand Kit with a body contact electrode attachment to electrify the pinwheel, which will both shock and needle the skin at the same time
Shaving the hair off the target area; putting on an astringent, such as witch hazel; then using the pinwheel on that area to combine the prickling spikes with the cooling astringent.

A Wartenberg Pinwheel Provides Extra Special Sensations: For most people, a very light press will be more than sufficient to create a tingly almost light pinching sensation. It is very hard to describe but most people find it highly pleasurable. While pressed harder the spikes will leave red marks and will cause some pain, which - once again - many people enjoyl. You can use a Wartenberg Pinwheel almost anywhere on the body, but for the best effect, blindfold your partner / patient / submissive and slowlyrun it over their entire, naked body, starting slowly and lightly but increasing the firmness and speed as your session progresses. It will send intense real shivers down both your spines. A Wartenberg Pinwheel can create major pain and tear skin, so there must be a real element of trust and communication between both participants. Always talk to your partner whether receiving or giving and always make sure you stop if either party has had enough. When used sensibly, this little Wartenberg Pinwheel device can bring tingles, pleasure and pain. It creates a really unusual sensation that it extremely enjoyable. Always communicate with your partner and above all, enjoy yourselves.

Medical Grade Wartenberg Pinwheels For Realistic Medical / Sensory / Nerve Fetish Role Playing Pleasure
162 - Double Sided Wartenberg Pinwheel - For Medical / Gyno Fetish Sex Play
160 - Classic Wartenberg Pinwheel - For Medical / Nerve Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
159 - Medieval Pinwheel - For Medical / Sensory Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
163 - Wartenberg Pinwheel Sheath - For Medical / Gyno Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
164 - Plastic Disposable Pinwheel - Large - For Medical / Gyno Fetish Sex Play
158 - Wartenberg 7 Wheel Pinwheel - For Medical / Nerve Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
165 - Taylor Reflex Hammer - For Medical / Gyno Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
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