Not Mash XXX DVD - Hardcore Naughty Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price
Buy “Not Mash XXX” DVD Online : Naughty Nurses Porn DVD - Hardcore Hospital Sex Porn DVD
Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Not Mash XXX” Doctor And Nurse Sex Fetish Porn DVD
Buy “Not Mash XXX” DVD Online : Naughty Nurses Porn DVD - Hardcore Hospital Sex Porn DVD

In Not Mash XXX, porn movie director Will Ryder creatively brings to life those moments of sexual fantasy we only ever dreamed about. You will enjoy watching everything from Major Hot Lips Houlihan fucking Major Frank Burns to virginal Radar O’Reilly loosing his cherry. Not Mash XXX has great sex, but excellent non sex scenes that will have you laughing and reminiscing on the days you watched the actual M*A*S*H TV show.

Not Mash XXX is focused on Radar losing his virginity and the doctors at the 4077th field hospital in Korea offering a boob job to any nurse who will have sex with him. This is a great porn parody that Will Ryder has directed in his own unique style, which every porn lover is sure to enjoy.

Alexa Jaymes: Every day at 16.00 hours like clockwork, Alexa James as Nurse Daisy needs to masturbate, and today is no different. That makes it easy to fit in the customary solo scene that kicks off every Will Ryder porn movie parody. She doesn't rush things as she starts playing with her breasts and nipples and then rubbing her pussy through her panties. Once her panties are removed she teases her sweet pussy lips followed by some very energetic finger fucking. While playing with her pussy, she also focuses on her nipples, keeping them very erect. With all the playing and friction on her clitoris you can actually see how her pubic mound has swollen up. After reaching orgasm, she lays back int sheer bliss.

Miko Sinz and Herschel Savage: Colonel Blake takes advantage of the perks of his rank and has  his hot little Korean assistant on her knees and is getting the full cock sucking service. Miko is a great little cocksucker who looks lovely on her knees. We see her giving some great head, very slow and sensual with lots of tongue action.

Briana Blair and Chad Diamond: After traumatic surgery the doctors, nurses and patients needs to unwind. Trapper is about to have sex with blonde Nurse Briana, but Clinger gets in the way. The good doctor is going to have work extra hard to get her attention back. Cute little Nurse Briana knows just how to treat a hard cock. She licks up the shaft. She takes it in deeper and gets things a little messy. Briana gives some fantastic head with passion and determination. When Chad Diamond goes down on her pussy, he combines some finger fucking and then stretches her pussy lips with his mouth. Getting up on top of his hard cock, Briana works her hips up and down. She grinds hard and gets everything all juicy. The ass shots are nice and Briana shows enough energy to make us pay attention. They work into spoon where he can shoot a load onto her pussy and Briana can lick it up.

Krissy Lynn and Alec Knight: Krissy Lynn as Hot Lips Houlihan proves to be worthy of her name by dropping to her knees and sucking Frank’s cock. These two have been so great to this point in the movie at staying in character and they keep it up during the scene. That makes it hot, but the POV shots of the blonde double-fisting the dick are even better. He puts her on her back and works on her second set of lips. When everything is nice and wet she puts a leg up in the air and lets him fuck her deep.  Fucking as expected she slams hard and strong in all positions. The ass shots in cowgirl are really good, but when turns around, we can really admire her full body. Krissy bounces hard and takes it deep. This is a great scene with a load fired all over those boobs.

Miko Sinz and Herschel Savage: We get a second round of hot sex with Miko. This time Colonel Blake is on his back for a POV blow job. She is naked, so we get to see her lovely body as her head bobs on his cock. Miko climbs on top and pumps his dick with her tight pussy. Moving to a chair, Herschel grabs her butt cheeks and slams his dick up inside her.  When fucking in the cowgirl position, she is actually lifted up into the air and slammed up and down on his cock. Seeing her sweet ass as she takes it doggie style is a wonderful sight to behold. We get some great close up shots when he puts her on the couch and fucks that tight little box. Miko smiles at him as he goes balls deep into her hole. She takes a load into her mouth and then sucks him dry, not missing a drop.

Bailey Brooks and Eric Swiss: Even during an enemy attack, Hawkeye knows how to make the most of his time in Korea. He has very sexy Nurse Bailey on her knees giving him a well raened blow job. There is a lot of  ball sucking followed by serious POV footage. In addition to her tongue licking technique, she pays nice attention to his testicles, with lots of ball sucking. Her body looks great on top in reverse cowgirl, but it is her long-stroke style that makes this scene fun to watch. Reverse cowgirl provides some nice shots of her ass and watching her slam his cock her arms behind her back and titties bouncing away, makes for a great fuck to watch and enjoy. There are some nice close ups of her pussy being spread wide open. He flips her over into doggy for some great leg and ass shots.  Bailey ends by taking a nice load of cum in her mouth and then nice and slowly sucks him dry.

Chanel Preston and Jeremy Conway: The virginal Radar O’Reilly finally loses his cherry thanks to Nurse Chanel. With Radar passed out, Chanel starts working on him to bring him back to life.  She wakes him up with a blow job and doesn’t want to let go. Taking her time she licks up and down the shaft of his dick, gobbling it and making him quiver with anticipation. Chanel combines her hands with lots of spit. He manages to hold out long enough to get to finger her pussy. Chanel leans back and lets him work her tight little hole until it is all juicy. There is good sexual energy here and you have to give Radar credit for lasting this long his first time. After getting a nice finger fucking that she responded to so well, she gives him a great fuck and we get a fantastic view of her sweet ass as she rides him doggie fashion. Chanel has great reactions, expressions and sounds while she fucks. After finishing her ride, she gives Radar some great head and then his cock explodes,jejaculating a load of semen on her stomach. Reaching down to the cum, she takes some and licks her fingers.

It is really nice to enjoy a porn movie parody that is so well cast and has great sex too. Not Mash XXX director Will Ryder brings some great sexual and non-sexual talent to the screen. The script is great and the sex is even better. With the variety of ladies, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Not Mash XXX. The picture is so crisp and clear that you will want to reach out and grab the screen. There are some great sex action close-ups shot in POV that will make you feel you are part of the scene. Will Ryder, has brought us many great parodies and he does it again with his Not Mash XXX DVD.

Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Not Mash XXX” Doctor And Nurse Sex Fetish Porn DVD
Not Mash XXX - Hardcore Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price

In Not Mash XXX, the nurses of the 4077 go beyond the call of duty in this parody of classic Korean War TV series M*A*S*H!. Colonel Blake asks Hawkeye and Trapper to find a nurse to take Radar’s virginity and they offer a boob job as a reward. Majors Frank Burns and Hot Lips Houlihan have suspicions but can't prove anything as an epidemic of fucking, cock sucking, and pussy eating spreads throughout the field hospital. In Not Mash XXX everybody needs sexual release. Hawkeye fucks a brunette on his cot, while Trapper sixty-nines a blonde. Even Colonel Blake receives a blow job from his hot Korean assistant. Radar is next!

Starring: Alexa James, Miko Sinz, Herschel Savage, Briana Blair, Chad Diamond, Krissy Lynn, Alec Knight, Bailey Brooks, Eric Swiss, Chanel Preston, Jeremy Conway
Director: Will Ryder
Studio: LFP Distribution
ONLY $24.95
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