It was time for Helga's yearly examination. It is something that she needs to do, but hates very much. After she finished filling out the exam form she could feel the moisture gathering between her legs and this humiliates her. Reading a month old magazine trying to get her mind off the coming exam Helga was surprised to hear her name called by a male. It was Doctor Major her GYN for the last 20 years walking toward her.

"Hi Helga how have you been?" said the Doctor.

"Good, Doctor," she said

He cleared his throat saying. "I need your help today. Would you mind letting an intern observer your exam? The intern has been here all day and no one has allowed the intern to be in the exam room."

Helga a lady of 49 knowing that patients have to give the interns a chance to observe exams, so they will get the experience needed to become good doctors.

"I will allow the intern to observe my exam doctor," said Helga after thinking for a full 3 minutes of the possible consequences of her answer and feeling herself blush at the thought of more than one doctor in the room during her exam.

The doctor went over to the receptionist, looked over at Helga and said something to the receptionist, then walk into the rear area. A nurse came out of the rear area went to the receptionist, they exchanged a few words the nurse picked up a file and called Helga's name.

Anne put down the magazine, trying to calm herself as she followed the nurse to the back area and into a large exam room with a lot of equipment in it.

"How are you today Helga?" said the Medical Assistant

"I am a little nervous but other than that good," said Helga.

"You have consented to let interns be present at your exam?" asked the Medical Assistant

"Yes I have," said Helga.

"Please sign this paper then," said the Medical Assistant.

Helga read the release that stated that she would be a teaching patient for the interns and for that Helga will receive $500.00 and the exam is free. She signed the paper and handed it back to the Medical Assistant. Helga felt herself become aroused thinking about having people her children's age examining her .

The Medical Assistant said to Helga. "Please remove all your clothes and put this drape over you today." Handing her a very small drape as she started to leave the room. She has her hand on the knob of the door and it half way opened when she was stopped by Helga.

"Usually when I come in for an exam I get a Johnny to put on. How come your only giving me a drape today?" said a disturbed Helga.

"It is the proper protocol for a patient when there are interns observing the exam," said the Medical Assistant as she left the room leaving the door almost completely open.

As she was disrobing Helga was beginning to wonder what she has gotten herself into. Out of her outer clothes already she removed her bra, folded it and put it with her top and jeans. Hooking her thumbs on the sides of her panties she pulled them down over her hips and let them fall to the ground. She picked them up, folded them and put the panties under her top. Walking naked to the exam table she steps up onto the stool in the front of the table and sits on the edge of the exam table wrapping the drape around her. It barely covers her front as she sits down her back was almost completely exposed. Finally realizing that the door is opened almost all the way and anyone that walked by could see her undressing and almost naked presently. This brings to the surface the humiliation that she will undergo today to give interns on the job training that they will need. She waits for the doctor to come in. Usually the Medical Assistant takes all her vitals but today she didn't do it.

There was a knock on the wall next to the opened door to the exam room and in comes doctor Major with not 1 but 4 male interns that looked no older than her son. Helga was very upset that there were so many interns watching her exam, but it was too late at this time to do anything about it. She will have to go through this exam in front of all the young interns.

"Hi Helga I want you to meet Alan, Fred, Denis, and Arnold they are interns at the hospital," said the doctor.

"Hi Helga, I am speaking for all of us, we are very grateful that you are allowing us to witness your exam," said Denis.

The doctor started by asking her if she has any problems physically to which she answers "No". Then the doctor pushes the drape aside and checks Helga's lungs and heart from her back on both sides. Explaining to the interns what his is doing. The doctor then walks around in front of Helga saying "I am going to check your heart and lungs at this time." With that he pulls her drape to her lap. Helga is completely exposed to the young men. Her large breasts with a slight sag to them and her large half dollar size areolas. Helga's nipples were erect and pointing down a little. She could feel her vaginal lips getting very puffy and her vagina opening up in arousal and they did not even touch her very personal parts yet. The room was filling with the scent of Helga's arousal and this embarrassed her. She hoped the medical personnel in the room did not notice her scent.

Turning to Helga he says. "Can each of the interns examine you as I just did?"

Surprised as she thought the interns were only going to observe the exam turning very red she says. "I didn't think they were going to participate only observe, but I guess they can if they want too." Looking away from the young men in embarrassment.

The young men mimicked Doctor Major's lung and heart exam. Some of the men were very tentative and timid in examining her. Others used their hands to move her breast to get a better position for the stethoscope. One of the interns did a very good job examining her talking to her as he examined her and he was the one that actually rubbed her nipples while doing the heart lung exam. She thought he did the best exam on her.

After the last intern completed the exam the doctor critiqued all of them while Helga sat on the exam table with her breasts exposed to the interns facing her looking at her breasts. Helga did not have the presence of mind to cover herself in a way it brought excitement to her to have the young men looking at her.

Then the doctor asked Helga which of the interns did the best job on her exam. Helga told him which of the interns it was. Then the doctor had him do the exam again while all the other interns watched him. He was the one that rubbed Helga's nipple as he did the heart exam. The doctor asked her if that is what relaxed her she said yes.

The doctor said to Helga. "We are going to weigh you at this time."

With that he took the drape from her leaving her completely naked. The doctor had her get up and he walks to the door opening it saying. "The scale is at the end of the hall."

Helga was both embarrassed and excited that she was going to be in a semiprivate area naked. She could feel herself excreting her moisture through her vaginal opening to her inner thighs. Helga was walking down the hall trying to shield herself from the people in the hall by staying in the center of the 5 men that were with her. She got onto the scale and the doctor called out her weight while one of the interns recorded it. Getting off the scale she came face to face with another woman that was going into one of the exam rooms, probably for her exam by the look of shock and embarrassment on the woman's face. She walked back to the exam room meeting a half dozen surprised men and women in the hallway. Helga smiled an embarrassed smile to each of the people she met in the hall her face was bright red by the time she was back in her exam room.

Getting back into the relative privacy of the exam room Helga was told to get back onto the exam table. She stepped up onto the stool knowing that she was totally exposed to the 5 men that were in back of her. She could feel the cool air on her exposed damp vaginal hair and anus. This was giving her more excitement; usually this exam is not a sexual experience for her. But today is different, being completely nude walking down the hallway, exposed to all these young men, and having the young men see her naked, Helga was highly excited and this humiliated her.

"I am going to do a breast exam on you at this time," said the doctor as he had Helga put her arms at her sides and started the circular rotation of his fingers on her left breast. He took about 3 minutes on the breast explaining how to do the exam. He rubbed her nipple instead of pinching it to see if there was any fluid leaking from it. This excited her to a new level. By the time he finished the other breast she was on the verge of an orgasm. This is when the doctor asked her permission to have the interns examine her breasts. She had to let them examine her breasts, as she did not want the manipulation of her breasts to end presently.

Each one of the interns took their turns, some of the interns were very gentle others were very rough with her breasts that she had to tell them to be gentler with her and the doctor had to show them how to do the exam again. By the time the breast exam was complete Anne was very sore. She could not believe that she had 1 doctor and 4 young men touching and pulling on her breasts. Helga was getting very wet between her legs to the point of her arousal running between the cheeks of her rectum.

The doctor asked two of the interns to install the stirrups on the table and one of the interns to lift the back of the table up to a reclined sitting position, so they could continue with Helga's exam. The moment of total exposure is very close at this time she will show her most personal being to 5 men in a moment or two. Helga was told to lie back on the exam table. She did and the two interns that put the stirrups on the table helped her put her feet in the stirrups. They adjusted them so that she was spread wide open in front of the 5 medical men. She was never so excited in her life. Doctor Major in the mean time put on a pair of exam gloves, and then started to examine her uterus putting his fingers in her vagina and pressing down on her abdomen. He did not need any lubricant to insert his fingers in her vagina she was so wet. Helga could see all 5 pair of eyes looking at her vaginal area. She has never felt more exposed in all her life than at this time. Helga could not get over how excited she is feeling at this present time. Her insides feel like they are melting, her vagina is dripping fluids very heavily.

Through the fog of her excitement she could hear her name being called it was the doctor asking her if it was all right with her if the young medical men examined her uterus.

Struggling to talk as she was almost over the edge with an orgasm she said almost breathlessly. "Yes they can all examine me doctor."

She could hear each of the young doctors putting on exam gloves then each in turn proceeded to examine her. She had a total of 5 orgasms as they continued to probe her uterus while pressing down on her abdomen to position her uterus. Helga was getting sore but did not want the pleasure to stop as the last young man examined her.

The doctor and the 4 young men discussed the preceding exam of Helga's uterus as they were standing at the foot of the exam table glancing at her wide spread legs from time to time. It was the longest 15 minutes she ever spent. Helga was so horny that it took all her will power to not start playing with herself in front of the 5 men. Helga could smell her lust in the room at this time bringing an embarrassed red glow to her face.

"We are almost done with you today Helga just your pelvic exam, pap smear and rectal then we will be done," said the doctor putting on another clean pair of exam gloves.

Asking for a speculum the doctor proceeded to show the interns how to insert the speculum in Helga's vagina. During her exam the doctor told the interns that Helga was very excited and showed them that her vaginal lips were very puffy and she was very wet. Helga could feel her face get red with embarrassment at the remark again. The doctor pointed out her clitoris also and touched it sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body. By the time he was done with the exam and pap smear Helga had 2 more orgasms. The paper and floor under her vaginal area were wet with her excitement. She would not believe she could have so many in such a short time as she has had today so far.

Removing the speculum the doctor asked Helga. "Can the interns examine you internally and do a speculum exam on you? They will not do a pap smear on you as it is not in your best interest to have any more done today."

"Sure just be careful down there I am getting kind of sore," said Helga.

Each of the interns put on their gloves and started the exam. Helga was pleasantly surprised with the exams they did. The interns were very gentle inserting the speculum and doing the internals on her. They were very careful to give her clitoris a few gentle pats which brought her off at least another 3 times. By the time they were all done examining Helga the paper under her bottom was completely wet. The room smelled of a very excited woman and the young men all had erections. The doctor was the only one that was in control of his sexual feeling as far as she could tell.

"We were going to do a sexual stimulation test on you but I think that there is no problem with you getting stimulated as you must have had at least 10 orgasms today." The doctor smiled at her.

One of the interns helped a blushing Helga off of the exam table after the last remark of doctor Major. She was in the exam position for so long that her legs fell asleep she had to be helped to the area where her clothes were and sat down for a few minutes.

The doctor had her get up off the chair after she got the use of her legs back and go to the exam table face it put her elbows on the table and bend at the waist spread her legs so they could do a rectal exam on her. She did as she was told the doctor put on a pair of gloves and lubricated his finger did a thorough rectal exam on her as he was explaining the exam to the young interns. These young men have seen and felt her more intimately than her husband. She could feel her vagina excreting more fluid she did not realize that she could excrete so much. By the time the interns had finished with her the moisture was running all the way down her legs to the floor.

Helga stood up when the doctor said they were finished. She stood in front of them listening to the doctor give the final critique still completely naked. Helga was becoming very comfortable being naked in front of these medical personal. After the final question and answer period all the young men gathered around her thanking Helga for letting them examine her thoroughly. They all talked with her for over a half hour until the nurse came in, handed Helga an envelope, and told them there was another patient ready to come into the room. The patient was in back of the medical assistant. The new patient was surprised to see a naked lady talking to 4 men. Helga got dressed as the young men watched her along with the new patient. She told them it was the best day of her life she had a very great day today. They were walking out of the room as the medical assistant came back into the room to instruct the new patient how to prepare for the exam.

Over the next few weeks Helga relived her exam. It gave new life to their sex life her husband didn't know what happened to her, but he likes the new Helga. Going to Victoria's Secret Helga bought sexy new nightie. The weekend Helga decided to do the house work in a short almost see though red nightie that just covered her bottom. To the delight of her husband Rex he realized that she was not wearing any panties when she bent over in front of him to clean the end tables in the living room.

4 months later

The exam she had was almost completely forgotten by Helga. Rex and her were getting back into the same old rut. Coming into the house the phone was ringing she got to it just in time.

"Hello is this Helga? The male voice on the other end said very hesitantly.

"Why do you ask? Who are you looking for?" said Helga not wanting to let the guy know it was she even though the voice sounded kind of familiar.

"This is Doctor Major. Did you like the exam that you had a few months ago with the interns?" asked the Doctor hopefully.

"It was very humiliating to begin with, but yes I didn't mind it and it was informative for the interns," said Helga hesitantly not wanting to have him know that she liked it very much.

"That is great. Would you like to be a model for some play doctors that hold meetings every month? They are looking for more models? Are you interested?" said the doctor.

"YES!!" Helga blurted out remembering the great time she had at the last exam and her vaginal area was getting damp just thinking about it again.

The doctor gave her an address and the time for her to be there. It was on Thursday afternoon at 12:30 Helga adjusted her schedule so she would be available for the exam.

That night when Rex her husband got home he noticed that Helga was very horny. They had supper and went to bed early and he stayed up very late. Helga was a lioness in bed for the next 2 nights.

Getting up to Make Rex's breakfast Helga was humming a happy tune while making the breakfast. Getting her husband off the work Helga went to the bathroom she removed her nightie and washed herself very thoroughly. Standing nude in front of her full-length mirror she decided that she needed to trim her pubic area, so that her vagina will be visible for the exam. She shuttered as she started to shave her vaginal area. When she was done she left a little pubic hair just above her clitoris. By 11 am she was ready to put on the clothes she had picked out for the day. A white blouse that buttons up the front a black skirt that comes to just below her knee a matching pair of white panties and bra that opens from the front. A pair of black shoes with a 3 inch heel.

The drive to the address was a longer way than she thought. She got there just at 12:30 the building was a converted house. Helga looked on the sign she found the name on the front office she was looking for PLAYGYN inc.

Helga was getting kind of nervous presently as she walked to the second floor offices. Going though the door she was met by about 12 men from 22 to 66 years old in the front room of the office. All the conversations stopped when she entered the room.
Medical Fetish Sex Story 5 : Helga Gets Her Yearly Intimate Examination
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Medical Fetish Sex Story 5 : Helga Gets Her Yearly Intimate Examination
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