Last year I had what is definitely the most enjoyable physical ever - even though the doctor did stick her finger up my ass (OUCH!). I was in need of a physical and since I had to strip anyway, I figured I would try to find a female physician. I hit the phone book but, unfortunately, most of the female doctors in my area were either pediatricians or gynecologists. But, after a little more searching I finally found a regular physician - and she was only ten minutes from my office!

So I called and made an appointment for yesterday morning. Then, I started thinking about what I could do to make sure she saw as much of me as possible. I know she is a doctor and it's her job to look at me naked, but in the past when I've visited two other female doctors in other towns, they always had me leave my underwear on during the exam. Then they would have me drop them briefly to do the ol' testicle check. What fun is that?

So, the first plan of action was to lose the underwear. When I woke up the next morning I showered and got dressed, but didn't put on any underwear. That way, if they asked me to keep on my underwear, I could just say I'm not wearing any because I worked out that morning and "forgot" to bring a clean pair.

Later that morning I left work and went to the doctor's office - let's call her Dr. Sheila. I went in, told them I was there and filled out the usual insurance and medical history forms. Then I sat back and waited.

I sat there wondering what the doctor would look like. The other two I had visited were both in their mid to late 50s. One had a disgusted look on her face during the entire exam (but I didn't take it personally). With my luck, Dr. Sheila would be the exact same way.

Then I spotted a brochure on the receptionist's desk promoting Dr. Sheila's practice. I went over and picked it up thinking it would give me some clue about what she looked like. Not only did it have a clue - it had a photo. And I discovered that Dr. Sheila was a slim, attractive blonde in her mid-30's. YES!!!!!! I hit the jackpot!! All of a sudden I felt very good about my exam.

About ten minutes later the nurse came out and said they were ready for me. Not as ready as I am, I thought. The nurse - slightly overweight, but kind of cute - took me back to a small examining room where she weighed me and took my temperature and blood pressure. She then asked me a few questions about any health problems, etc. Finally, she stood up, gave me a thin paper gown and told me to take off everything (YES!) and put on the gown.

Jokingly, I asked her which side the opening should go on even though I knew it usually goes in the back. But, to my surprise she said put the opening in the front so the doctor could examine me easier (DOUBLE YES!!!!).

She said the doctor would be there soon and closed the door so I could change. I took off all my clothes and started to put on the gown. Happily, it turns out it was more like a knee-length vest than a gown. It barely came around my chest and left a HUGE gap in front which means my dick was in perfect view. In fact, it was so small it ripped in the back while I tried to pull it on. That left me standing there naked with two pieces of ripped gown in my hands.

At that moment, there was a knock at the door. Thinking it was the doctor I told her to come on in. But it wasn't the doctor, it was the nurse again. I expected her to see me naked and walk back out but instead she just came on in and closed the door. She looked at me and asked if I was having a problem with the gown.

"Yeah", I answered, "it ripped while I was trying to put it on. Sorry." The nurse said it was no problem because it happened all the time. She then leaned down, got me another one from the drawer and handed it to me.

While I tried to get it unfolded without tearing it, she told me that they forgot to get my insurance card when I checked in and could she get it now? I said sure and dropped the gown on the exam table. Then I went to my clothes laying on a chair - my naked ass facing the nurse - and grabbed my wallet. Being in no hurry to lose my audience, I turned, faced her and started going through the contents of my wallet - slowly - as if looking for the card. The entire time she never turned her head. She just stared right at me. After about 30 seconds I finally "found" the card and gave it to her.

She said thanks and started for the door. Suddenly the door opened and in walked in a cute young brunette. In fact, she looked so young that I would have sworn she was about 15 or 16. I immediately started thinking that she was a young patient who accidentally walked into the wrong exam room and there I was standing in front of her stark naked. Not only that, but she still had the door wide open and I could see another nurse filling out paperwork at a desk outside the room. She looked up, saw me naked, then looked back down shaking her head and smiling.

The brunette spotted me standing there with my dick in full view and her eyes popped open. The nurse looked at her and said in a very stern voice "Leigh, you know you're supposed to knock before coming into an examination room."

"Sorry," Leigh stammered as she kept her eyes averted from me," I'm looking for the EKG machine."

"Well, it's not in here," answered the nurse, "Now would you mind leaving and closing the door. We have a patient in here."

Leigh said she was sorry again, then backed out and closed the door. The nurse turned to me and said she was sorry about that. Leigh was a new lab technician and she tends to forget procedures.

"New?" I said, "It looks like she's in junior high school." The nurse explained that she was actually in her early 20's and had graduated college recently. She started working with them about a month earlier. She apologized again and I said it was no problem (absolutely no problem at all). The nurse left and I managed to get the second gown on without tearing it (unfortunately).

Instead of sitting on the exam table, I just sort of leaned back naturally against the table which let the gown drop open. This left my naked dick in full view. I figured that would be the ideal way to make a good first impression on the lovely Dr. Sheila. :-)

At that moment, with all the exposure I was getting, I was pretty excited. In fact, I was trying NOT to get a hard on. Not that I wouldn't have loved to have one at that point but I felt it would have been a bit too much.

I waited for about five minutes and then there was another knock at the door. I said "come in" and in walked in Dr. Sheila. And believe me, that brochure photo did her no justice.

She was about 5' 6", slim, shoulder length blonde hair and a really cute, yet slightly crooked smile. She introduced herself and came over to shake my hand - my dick hanging out and everything. After chatting for a moment, she sat on a stool near by which put her head at perfect blow job level (Whoops, sorry, my mind wandered there). She then picked up my medical history and asked me a couple of questions. Each time I would answer she would look up with that cute little smile of hers. Finally, she put the sheet down, started putting on rubber gloves and said it was time to get on with the exam.

Then my heart sank as she said "Oh, by the way, didn't they give you a sheet to put over your lap while I examined you?"

"Uh, no they didn't," I answered. "The nurse just gave me the gown. Sorry about that."

She smiled again and handed me another gown. "Here, climb on the exam table and drape this over your lap."

Heart broken, I did what she asked. I also thought it was interesting that she waited until the exam began - a full five minutes after she entered the room - before she gave me the gown for my lap, even though she saw I was exposed the moment she came in.

Dr. Sheila came over and checked my heart first, then she checked my ears, nose and eyes. The whole time she was standing so close to me I could feel her breath. I suddenly starting imagining what she would look like wearing the same gown I had on. I could visualize the thin gown open in the front with her small breasts and blonde pubic hair perfectly visible.

I made my self stop thinking that because I could feel my dick starting to awaken again. After putting a stethoscope to my back and listening to my breathing (which was unusually deep at the moment - go figure) she asked me to lay back on the table. I put my feet up and lay back. On the way I "accidentally" dropped the gown off my lap and it fell to the floor exposing my dick again.

"Whoops, sorry about that," I said.

I briefly hoped she would just leave it and do my exam with my dick showing but, of course, she didn't. She leaned down, picked up the gown and tossed it over my pubic area again. Then she began placing her hands on certain parts of my stomach just above my pubic hair. Even through her rubber gloves her hands felt good. Then, just as my dick started to react again, she said everything was fine and it was now time to do my testicle exam (YES!) and prostate check (OUCH!).

Dr. Sheila told me to stand up on the floor again. I did so and this time I left the gown for my lap laying on the table. Hey, I figured if she was going to touch my dick, she had to see my dick - right? Apparently she agreed because she didn't say anything.

She once again sat on her stool, then rolled it over right next to me with her face right in front of my dick (BOY, talk about blow job level!) :-)

Next - and I swear I almost came right then and there - she reached up and gently grabbed my testicles. I was in ecstasy as I stared down at the top of her blonde head and then at my balls as she slowly kneaded them in her small hand. This time I knew I was going to get a hard on.

But, that feeling came to an abrupt end when Dr. Sheila pulled her hand away and said "OK, everything looks good..."

Why, thank you, I thought.

" let's do the other side."

There are guys in prison for the first time facing the aspect of becoming a prom date for guys named Bubba and Snake who aren't as nervous as I was at that moment.

Sighing, I turned around and asked her what she wanted me to do. She told me to just put my hands on the exam table and bend way over. Funny, I thought, that's exactly what I wish you would do. I started to smile at that...

And then all hell broke loose!!

Without a second to prepare, Dr. Sheila smeared something cold on my asshole and stuck her finger in places no one should ever visit (on me anyway). "This will only take a moment," she said.

"A moment??!" I thought (actually, I screamed in my head) "You've already been in there for an hour (or what seemed like an hour)!! What the hell was she looking for - King Tut? And what was she using - her finger or a baseball bat?"

Finally, she pulled her finger out and said everything feels normal. Not anymore, I thought.

Dr. Sheila told me to get dressed, then handed me some tissue to clean my butt (Gee thanks, lady, at least you could have bought me dinner first). She then pulled her gloves off, washed her hands, then turned to me to give me her input (don't say that word!!!!) on what she found. Everything was fine and dandy, thank goodness.

While she gave me the details, I took off my gown and turned to face her - now stark naked again - while I put on my clothes. In the past the doctor usually leaves before telling me to get dressed, but she stayed. This is definitely a doctor I will be visiting on a regular basis.

Dr. Sheila told me that, considering my age (38), I should have a prostate exam at least twice a year. She also said - get ready for this - that I should have my testicles examined at least once a month!!

OK, let me get this straight. This cute, young, blonde doctor says I should come in once a month so she can hold and examine my dick. And insurance pays for it?

I think I can for that! :-)

Once I finished dressing, Dr. Sheila stood up, shook my hand and said it was a pleasure to meet me. The pleasure was all mine, I thought.

I thought the fun was over for the day, but I was wrong. Dr. Sheila told me to wait in the examination room because they still had to take blood samples and check my heart. She said the lab technician would be in soon, then she left the room closing the door behind her.

About five minutes later there is another knock at the door and in walks Leigh, the cute, young brunette from before. Rolling along in front of her is an EKG machine. She said hi, introduced herself and closed the door. She was the lab tech and she explained that she was going to hook up the EKG to my chest so she could check my heart and then take some blood samples.

I asked her what I needed to do and she told me to take my shirt off again and lie on the exam table. I wanted to ask her if I could take my pants off again, too, but I didn't. While I was getting ready and she set up the machine, she apologized for walking in on me earlier. I smiled and told her it was no problem at all.

I lay down, my shirt off, and she began applying tape to different areas of my chest. I really enjoyed this because she stood right up against me and pressed against my right arm. She also leaned her entire body across my chest so she could apply the tape to my left side. Once that was done, she repeated the procedure as she attached the EKG wires to my chest and held them in place with the tape.

She then turned to the machine and started it. I lay there still for about a minute or so while she read the readings. I started imagining what she would look like in the paper gown I had worn (or semi worn) so I'm surprised my heart rate didn't start bouncing all over the place.

Leigh finally shut off the machine and said everything looked good but she would let the doctor look it over to make sure. She then took the wires and tape off my chest (leaning hard against me once again) and told me to put my shirt back on so she could take blood samples.

I stood up and put on my shirt while she pulled out the needle (yowch!!) and empty blood vials. I left the shirt untucked then sat back on the exam table.

Leigh took the needle and began looking for a vein to stick it into. She comment that my veins were very deep so it may take her a moment to locate one. That was fine with me because as she leaned over to look I noticed that I had a perfect view right into the top of her nurse's uniform shirt. For about a minute I stared at her cute small breasts cupped in a white bra. She finally found a vein and stuck the needle into my arm.

Leigh filled three small vials with blood, then wiped off my arm and put on a band-aid (what, no kiss to make it better?). She put the vials away and said I was all done.

At this point I was fairly excited after her leaning against me and seeing her breasts, so I turned to her and asked if she minded if I tuck in my shirt. She said not at all, so while she was putting her equipment away, I unzipped my pants and let the front drop down. She now had a perfect view of my semi hard dick while I slowly straightened out my shirt and began to tuck it in (starting in the back so I could leave the front exposed longer).
She glanced over, noticed my exposed penis and did a small double take. She then looked away with a small smile on her face. I did notice that she glanced once more before I finally tucked in the front of my shirt and zipped up my pants.

I figure that - unlike the doctor and the nurse - Leigh probably rarely got to see any male patients naked since all she did was take blood and check heart rates. Hopefully she enjoyed it. I know I did. :-)

Once my shirt was situated, I left the room and went to complete the REALLY painful part of the exam - settling the bill. Once that was done, I left with a smile on my face. All-in-all, it was a VERY nice experience. And like I said before, this is definitely a doctor I will be visiting on a regular basis.
Medical Fetish Sex Story 4 : A Visit To Doctor Sheila  For A Physical Exam
Medical Fetishism Role Playing Pleasure Story - Horny Female Doctor Gives  A Very Intimate Examination
Medical Fetish Sex Story 4 : A Visit To Doctor Sheila  For A Physical Examination
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