Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go DVD - Hardcore Naughty Nurse Porn DVD Online
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Buy “Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go DVD” Online : Naughty Nurses Porn DVD - Cock Crazy Nurse Porn DVD

If you want a porn movie that is as good as it is bad and as bad as it is good, you must watch Mark Stone’s magnificenf Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go. This is an idiosyncratic porn flick with plenty of style, not a lot of dialog, a whole lot of hot women and sex action by the bucket full. It also has some serious costume fetish appeal. It is also heavy on humor, heavy on style and very heavy on the sort of hard core action that can accompany such projects. Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go is quirky and very enjoyable, as renowned porn movie director Mark Stone combines kung fu fighting, cheesy dialog, porn sluts in and out of nurses’ uniforms - and plenty of enthusiastci sucking and fucking..

The Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go packaging deliberately looks like a cheesy sexploitation flick from the seventies whose sole purpose is to show naked women and a lot of kung fu fighting. And you have to love the opening menu that borrows the style of a grind house flick that really should be taken with a tongue in cheek attitude. Yes, Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go is most definitely a porn movie, but also so much more than just that.

Imagine B-movie producers Troma Entertainment making hardcore porn and you would get one of the most hilarious porn movies ever seen. Hot girls fight in badly staged kung fu scenes, hot girls dance horribly, and male porn studs take a real beating from these psychotic women. The plot of Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go is too stupid to believe, but you will want to see it for yourself, and porn fans with a sense of humor will enjoy what occurs. Watch Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go with an open mind and be pleasantly surprised.

Nurse Kayla Carrera: Nurse Carrera just happened upon a patient who is suffering from lethargy. Typical in the porn world, Nurse Carrera is dressed in a black leather nursing uniform and instantly recognizes porn superstud Randy Spears. She is infatuated and admits to masturbating to his movies. The dialogue hilarious and well played out, and the foreplay before the fucking is appropriate. The two flirt  and Carrera finds an excuse to touch his balls in spite of Spears best efforts to deflect her hands. Nurse Carrera strips her top off, revealing a pair of gorgeous breasts, Spears feels her up and the two begin making out. Spears leans over, sucking and biting on her nipples as Carrera moans and undresses. Spears kneels down to eat her pussy out as she stands over him, legs apart. She leans over on the bed to expose her bulbous ass, and he eats her ass hole out. Spears lays along the table as Nurse Carrera leans over to suck his dick long and hard, and jerks him off.

She crouches along the table as Spears eats her pussy out, then quickly begins pumping her as she moans. She then leans over as Spears begins butt fucking her furiously and straddles her ass as she screams out while spreading her large butt cheeks. Spears then lays out along the bed as Carrera rides him from behind pounding her pussy on his cocks. Randy Spears is happy and reinvigorated, and Kayla Carrera goes off to clean up. She returns fully clothed and forces Spears to take a suppository much to his surprise. As Spears sits and endures the pain, Carrera and Nurse Lindsey Maddox get into a furious argument and begin wrestling with the table Spears is lying on as he screams horrified. The two continue kung fu fighting in slow motion ass kicking mode, taking kicks and punches. The kung fu evolves into cat fighting as they wrestle on the ground and slam each other against the walls, when they accidentally jab Spears in the ass with a needle. The mayhem that ensues is much funnier than can be described but there is nothing like a good fucking, and two hot women going at it as Spears endures all the suffering only to be pushed out a high story window.  

Nurse Lindsey Maddox: Nuse Maddox, dressed in a sexy candy striper uniform, is telling the new patient about her recent battle with Nurse Kayla Carrera and expresses her anger at Carrera attempting to take over her floor. Altough he is sick and has a temperature, Cruel Nurse Maddox forces her patient to dance as she declares "It will be like a fucking sock hop." At which, Nurse Maddox doesg the running man and the chicken walk, whilst administering painful body blows to her poor patient. To make amends for her violence, Maddox tends to her patient by sucking him off. He is no longer in pain and face fucks Nurse Maddox with his cock and makes her deep throat him. She leans back, spreading her legs wide as he begins eating her pussy out. Lindsay Maddox is not only funny but very sexy and looks great in her nurse's uniform. Maddox fucks his extended index finger, then mounts her patient backward, riding his cock hard and furiously. She tears her uniform off as he pounds into her pussy from below. She turns and rides him furiously, moaning and smacking his chest as he slaps her ass hard. The patient then spreads Maddox out along the bed and pounts her pussy, as she eggs him on to go harder and harder. He fucks her from behind, going deeper and harder until finally finishing off on her face.

Nuse Lindsey Meadows: Nurse Meadows is angry that she has to work another shift and miss the Go-Go dance contest. Hubby isn't very sympathetic as she bitches and says that only one thing makes her feel better. Cue a swift punch to his jaw as the two quickly get into fisticuffs. Curiously enough hubby can't keep up as Meadows punches him, jerks him by his ponytail, and throws plates at his face which knock him out cold. You have to enjoy how hubby catches a plate in his mouth. Meadows and hubby fall into each others arms as the fighting subsides and, this being a porn movie, start havibg sex. Nurse Meadows spreads her legs, exposing her pussy to be eaten by hubby. Hubby then two finger fucks her, as she leans over and begins sucking his dick. Hubby clutches Meadows ass as she sucks him off and jerks him with both hands. Shes then spreads out on the couch as he begins fucking her pussy. Meadows then mounts hubby and rides his cock as she screams out, clutching his chest, and then stuffs it up her ass, wiggling her cheeks along the shaft and writhing rhythmically. She then bends over with her ass in the air as hubby fucks her from behind as she cries out and struggles to keep her balance. Hubby pounds her hard as she screams out, grabs the couch and moans as he  finishes off.

Trainee Nurse Nikki Kane: Nurse Kane is being trained by her kung fu master, who is being pummeled by her without much reaction. She finally knocks him out. He recovers, taking repeated kicks to the testicles and dropping to the floor. Nurse Kane very thoughtfully decides to examine his cock after the massive beating she has given him, and takes the stethescope to the bulge in his pants. She begins rubbing his cock from inside his pants and kisses him as she jerks him off faster and faster. The kung fu master groans and licks her tits before leaning down to eat out her pussy, and rub her clitoris. Kane sucks his cock off while he rubs  her ass and begins eating her pussy out. The master sticks his cock into her pussy and pumps furiously as she screams out. Kane then mounts him from behind and enjoys riding him as she trembles and screams out as he pumps her mercilessly. Kane leans over while he penetrates her ass and pounds her from behind, while simultaneously rubbing her clitoris. He finishes off on her chest, which results in Kane kicking him out as she prepares for a visit from her roommates.

Nurse Ryann Reynolds: Nurse Reynolds arrives to check her messages and is suddenly knocked from behind by Nurse Nikki Kane. They  begin kicking each other, throwing punches and dueling with dildos. As they struggle with their weapons, Reynolds gets a call for the upcoming Go-Go dance party, knocks Kane out and runs off to prepare. The bartender Mr. Thermopolis says Reynolds is too early an insists he can't teach her how to dance, only to fight. Swiping his hands in the air, he teaches Reynolds how to properly move her own hands around, and she is instantly turned on. Mr. Thermopolis starts sucking her tits and kissing her. He lifts her on to the counter and takes off her nurse uniform, then kneels down to eat out her exposed pussy. As he gives her a furious licking, he finger fucks he and she screams out with pleasure. She kneels down to suck his cock, and flashes her large ass. Reynolds strolls over to the bar again and spreads her legs as Thermopolis penetrates her, grasping her head and forcing her pussy down onto his cock. He then leans Reynolds over on a bar stool, fucks her pussy from behind, then ravages her ass hole as she screams out. Not satisfied, Reynolds then mounts him backwards and rides his coc. The fucking intensifies and leads to a heavy finisher.

The fucking ends and all the contestants have arrived to the Go-Go dance party, as have the three main contestants who finally set off the dance contest we've been building up to.

April Aubrey, Jayne Langford, Kissy Kapri: The Go-Go dance contestants are hysterical and everyone gets their turn. The male porn stars pole dance dreadfully as the performers struggle to keep their giggles down. Nikki Kane dances to the cheers of her audiences. It just shows that beauty doesn't always equal grace, and you have to love the way Mr. Thermopolis dances in the corner. The Kung Fu Nurses then take their turn, dancing in unison and individually slapping the unfortunate bartender while dancing around the stripping pole. Enter the primary male contestant, who is also a painfully awful dancer, but he praised as "amazing" by the Kung Fu Nurses. Surely enough, he wins and stays to collect his prize, which includes the three horny women who fall at his feet. But they are not just there for him. They are really there for each other and a hot girl on girl suck and fuck session ensues. The girls begin eating each other out and clutching their tits hardwhile going all out in a chaotic lesbian threesome, fucking each other with a dildo and eating their pussies. This scene is a great finisher to a great porn movie.

There are times when Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go really is impressive. We get some superb sex scenes with plenty of genuine heat. The girls are very nice looking, and the sex is anything but mechanical.  It is a really hot hardcore porn movie and an action comedy of idiotic proportions. Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go is worth the purchase for all porn and sexploitation movie fans. You will laugh at the poorly staged fight scenes and impromptu dance sequences, and the cast looks like they are having a blast just kicking each other's asses. Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go is too great and original a porn movie to pass up, and it is worth adding to your porn DVD collection if you like quirky sex movies with women dressed in nurse uniforms.

Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go” Medical Fetish Porn DVD
Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go - Hardcore Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price

Wicked Pictures presents Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go, the very sexy story of nurses with the kind of pussy grip you only get when you practice the art of Kung Fu. The globetrotting rivalry of Mr. DeLaSol and Mr. Thermopylaes is at it hottest as they train hot and horny nurses for a kung-fu dance competition. Lindsey Meadows, Presley Maddox and Kissy Kapri join five other girls as the legend of the timeless battle between the two finest martial arts instructors in the world grows. In Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go, Mark Stone brings you two hours of nonstop sex action,  including a wild three-girl mini-orgy.

Starring: Evan Stone, Randy Spears, Marco Banderas, Lindsey Meadows, Kissy Kapri, Kayla Carrera, Presley Maddox, Jayme Langford, April Aubrey, Nikki Kane, Ryaan Reynolds, Alex Anders, Rick Manning
Director: Mark Stone
Studio: Wicked Pictures
ONLY $24.95
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