StreemMaster Portable Anal Douche System - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

The StreemMaster Portable Douche System for anal and vaginal use is the innovative douche system that connects to any standard shower quickly and easily. It is the only douche system on the market that uses the shower’s own stream without actually having to connect permanently.

The StreemMaster Portable Douche System provides a continuous flow of water and has an adjustable flow rate, all at a safer pressure then direct connected douche or enema systems. The StreemMaster Portable Douche System utilizes a drain hose system which allows for excess water pressure to drain. You’ll never have to worry about overly high pressure again!

The StreemMaster Portable Douche System includes a screw-on full sized nozzle, a 6 foot silicone hose, and instructions. It is also compatible with other nozzles and enema tips. Its funnel bag is made of silicone and will fit large shower head designs (up to 6.5” wide).

The StreemMaster Portable Douche System sets up and breaks down in seconds from any shower so it’s completely portable and discreet. The entire kit can be rolled up to a very compact size. An ingenious design and quality craftsmanship make The StreemMaster Douche System an excellent value and a one-of-a-kind product.

“I have tried many douches but none surpass the StreemMaster Douche System. The thing I like about it the most is the fact that it is very easy to travel with it. It is very discreet, adaptable to almost every shower head, and I also love the fact that it is very safe and clean. I will never be able to use another product from now on - StreemMaster Douche System has me hooked. It's clear to see that this product was made by someone who knows what they are doing and someone has used the product himself. I highly recommend this product.”

“The StreemMaster has been the best gift I have received in a long long time! This product is by far, so much better than the traditional fleet enema or metal rod given to us on set prior to filming to prepare for our movies. The lightweight material makes the StreemMaster perfect for traveling. I have been in a new city almost every week since I got it and it is extremely easy to pack up with my other must haves, and on arrival to my hotel I just place it in the shower. Thanks for making such an incredible item that's user friendly and a great companion to travel with.”
StreemMaster Portable Douche System - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
StreemMaster Portable Douche System
Online Price : $69.95
Buy ‘StreemMaster Portable Douche System’ At Online Price For Anal / Vaginal Enemas Or Douching

The StreemMaster Portable Douche System is an ingenious anal or vaginal douche product that hooks up to your shower head. The StreemMaster is different than other douche products that attach to your faucet, because its innovative funnel bag disperses the water so you're never in danger of the internal damage that can result from high water pressure. The StreamMaster's unique design ensures you only experience a constant, gentle flow of water for a safe and enjoyable douche or enema experience.

The drain overflow tube goes from the funnel bag down to your drain. You won't experience any of the overflow and splashing that you will have experienced with while using a traditional faucet anal douche.

There is no need to refill the StreemMaster Portable Douche System, as it uses your shower to provide a continuous water flow. You won't need any tools to mount it either. The Streem Master hooks right to your shower head for easy on and off in seconds.

The StreemMaster Portable Douche System is made of premium materials to ensure durability and longevity. It contains silicone, PVC and ABS. The StreemMaster is latex free.

The StreemMaster Portable Douche System includes an industry-standard screw-on nozzle and a silicone funnel bag with a drain hose. The funnel bag folds to a discreet size for easy storage and portability. Through many years of research and development StreemMaster have created their simple, yet highly effective design, whose exceptional convenience and portability make the StreemMaster Portable Douche System the ideal choice, wherever you may be!

The advantages of StreemMaster Portable Douche System over any other anal or vaginal douche system are clear:

Steady Pressure and Flow Rate: StreemMaster eliminates the hassles, inconvenience and ineffectiveness of traditional douche systems. The bag hangs loosely around the showerhead, effectively trapping the shower stream and directing it into the reservoir. Once the reservoir is at full capacity, the overflow hose neatly directs all excess water down to the tub/shower drain.

The reservoir creates a column of water that is stable in volume, resulting in a steady pressure and flow rate to the douche nozzle. This offers many benefits to users that have never been available before in one convenient solution!

The system effectively translates a high-pressure household water supply, usually around 50 PSI, into a safe and consistent pressure of approximately 3 PSI. The end result is that you can enjoy the benefits of a low pressure bag douche commonly used in hospital settings, combined with the higher flow rates previously only found in a permanently installed hose system. High flow for quicker irrigation, but at a safe pressure. And perhaps best of all, unlike the bag douche there is no need to fill, refill or try to find a place to hang a heavy bag of water.

We also include a laboratory specification precision medi clamp with 12 articulated settings so you can adjust the output of the StreemMaster for your greatest comfort.

Even Temperature Control: On many types of shower systems, the regulator valves that control the mix of hot and cold water are not consistent unless you have full flow rate. This means that when you reduce the flow rate of a directly connected douche, the water temperatures can suddenly change, and you can get an unexpected blast of dangerously hot or cold water. Our design allows the shower to operate in its intended way, allowing you to simply turn it on to full flow and adjust the temperature, minimizing unexpected temperature changes.

And since the shower spray is used, the system never needs refilling. As soon as you clip it on, you can turn on the shower, adjust the temperature, and you will instantly have a working douche. Plus the StreemMaster is self-contained so there is no need for the plumbing hardware required by traditional hose solutions. Nothing could be more convenient or simpler!

Universal Compatibility: With the exception of the largest rain showerheads that are over 6 inches wide, the StreemMaster works perfectly with all other showerhead designs. To accomodate any regular or designer showerhead we made it a very substantial size.

To ensure however that this larger sized bag would not affect portability, we’ve it made from silicone rubber - a very expensive and premium material which folds very small, but springs back to shape whenever it is opened. This makes what appears to be a large bag fold into a very small fistful size for discreet and easy transportation. As well, the silicone resists mold, is heat tolerant, can be boiled for sterilization and is safe for use with many liquids.

Standard Nozzles for Easy Exchange: StreemMaster have custom engineered a two-piece solution that allows the nozzles to be removed by simply unscrewing. They engineered it using standard NPT threads so that our nozzles will also work with other systems. Our nozzle exchange system allows for easy cleaning, and changing the nozzle out for additional users. We also sell multi-colour nozzle kits for use with this system.

Innovative, Effective Hose Designs: The StreemMaster uses two hoses, the douche hose and the drain hose. We manufacture both of the hoses to our exacting specifications to ensure that the hoses fold down small, but offer great durability. We use medical grade silicone for the douche hose, which resists creasing and cracking and can be boiled for sterilization.

The drain hose is an innovative lay flat design to allow for easy folding, while the douche hose has been engineered to ensure that creases from folding and storage are naturally released by the flow of warm water through the hose. The end result has been two specially made hoses made from unique, highly durable compounds that have been specifically engineered to naturally spring into shape - ideal for great longevity, and effective portable design.

StreemMaster Portable Douche System Quality Construction:

High flow rate without the need to refill - delivers as much water in 20 seconds as a typical 'syringe' douche delivers in 1.5 minutes with 11 refills!
Provide an industry standard screw-on nozzle - greatest comfort, easy to remove and clean, high flow and the StreemMaster will work with your favorite specialized nozzle
Made of premium materials for durability and longevity - silicone and ABS. Does not contain latex
Everything you need is included with easy to follow instructions
Uses shower to create a continuous stream of water - no need to refill
Completely portable - connects and disconnects easily in seconds with no tools required
Innovative drain overflow system prevents bag from overfilling
Converts household pressure to a safe, yet effective water pressure
Folds to a discreet size for easy storage and portability
Ideal for hotels, cottages, cruise ships - anywhere there is a regular shower
Reusable silicone funnel bag for long life and sanitary operation
Includes industry standard screw-on nozzle - buy additional nozzles for you partner

This is the complete StreemMaster Portable Douche System with silicone bag, silicone douche hose, drain system, nozzle, bridle clip, control valve and instructions.

Klismaphilia Fetish: High Quality StreemMaster Portable Douche System For Medical / Enema Fetish Sex Play
Buy ‘StreemMaster Portable Douche System’ At Online Price For Anal / Vaginal Enemas Or Douching
Klismaphilia Fetish: High Quality StreemMaster Portable Douche System For Medical / Enema Fetish Sex Play
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