Why Give Or Receive Enemas? Klismaphilia Fetishism

An enema is proven as the best natural method for a clean colon. It is a tremendous remedy for all kinds of bowel problems. People use enemas for a number of reasons including:

A reminder of their treatment as a youth. Many people gravitate toward using an enema to relieve constipation because they received the treatment as a youth and were very satisfied with it.
A form of punishment. Enemas are popular as a form of friendly punishment among dominant/submissive partners. The ability to force or be forced to retain an enema is found pleasurable by many people.
Anal/Rectal stimulation. An enema provides a pleasing amount of anal stimulation for many users. Many men find that getting an erection stimulates their prostate and causes them pleasure.
Cleaning before anal sex. Many women prefer an enema before anal sex to cleanse the area and to free them from worrying about their personal hygiene.
Colonic cleansing. Many visitors believe in the healthful aspects of receiving an enema and the removal of toxins from the lower intestinal tract.
Administering of some medications. Some enema users use enemas as a way to administer medications. People that suffer from paralysis can use an enema as a way to evacuate their bowels.

Many users believe in the health benefits of a clean colon. A number of different types of people use enemas. Mainly, it seems that enema users can be classified into two different groups.

Those that use enemas as a sexual stimulant - usually called Klismaphiliacs or Klismos.
Those that use enemas for health reasons - such as colonic therapy.

Enemas can be administered alone or with a partner. If you are using an enema for health benefits, you might consider using it alone. If you are interested in the more sensual aspects of enemas a partner might be right for you.

It might be appropriate to mention that some enema users are interested in completely different sensations than others. Enema users interested in health might be more interested in relaxing while enjoying the colonic cleansing. Klezmos or people interested in enema sex might be interested in inducing cramping as a form of domination or punishment. These groups will need to take a different approach to give or receiving an enema.

Myths about Giving And Receiving An Enema

Myth 1: Enemas are Difficult
Reality: Quite contrarily, it is one of the easiest methods of thorough colon cleansing. Following the instructions as provided in the enema instruction booklet will make you aware how wonderfully easy the procedure is.

Myth 2: Enemas are Habit Forming
Reality: In nature cure, patients who were given enema for months did not take even a day to leave it or live without it.

Myth 3: Enemas Weaken the Intestine
Reality: It never weakens the intestine and rectum; instead taking enema rationally activates and strengthens them.

Types of Enema

Enema varies according to the temperature of the water.

Cold Enema: 50of-65of (or 10oC-18oC). It is helpful in decreasing fever and it is also beneficial in inflammatory conditions of the colon especially in cases of dysentery, diarrhea, ulcerative colitis and hemorrhoids.

Don't turn on the Enema nozzle fully. Take 10-15m. time undergoing enema practice.
In the case of ulcers and hemorrhoids, take 10gm of dried Neem leaves (powder) boiled in 1 liter of water, & then allow to cool. Strain this water and then use.

Warm Enema: 97oF-100oF(or 36oC-38oC) is recommended for general fitness and well being once a week. It helps to cleanse the rectum of the accumulated tassel matter. This is not only the safest system for cleaning the bowel but also improves the peristaltic movement of the bowels and thereby relieves constipation.

Hot Enema: 104oF-115oF (or 40oC-45oC) is beneficial on sudden occasions such as stoppage / obstruction of tassel matter and intestinal gas in which you may also feeling be mentally uncomfortable. A Hot Water Enema is beneficial in relieving irritation and pain due to inflammation or rectum, painful hemorrhoid. It also helps leucorrhoea in women. It is also beneficial in general abdominal pain, abdominal pain due intestinal gas and pain of kidney, liver and spleen.

The quantity of water used should be ¼ - ½ liter and the enema duration should be for 10mins.
In the case of ulcers and hemorrhoids, boil 10 gm of dried neem leaves (powder) in 1 litre of water, & then allow to cool. Strain this water and then use.

Graduated Enema: In graduated Enema the amount and temperature of water is slowly decreased up to the 15th day. It is started with 2 liter of water and decreased by 125 ml per day up to 125 ml. on 15th day. In the case of temperature , it is slowly decreased from 100o F to 70o F (i.e. 2o per day). It is highly beneficial in cases where intestines are over dilated and it improves the intestinal function.
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