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Dollface DVD - Hardcore Naughty Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price
Buy “Dollface” DVD Online : Naughty Nurses Porn DVD - Vintage Naughty Nurse And Medical Porn DVD
Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Dollface” Porn DVD Featuring Vintage 1940’s Medical Sex Action
Buy “Dollface” DVD Online : Naughty Nurses Porn DVD - Vintage Naughty Nurse And Medical Porn DVD

There is something about beautiful women from the 1940’s that is incredibly attractive. Their haute couture clothes, their classic lingerie, their hair, all have an air of erotic glamour . If you have seen real pornography from the 1940’s you will know that it is not very arousing to modern eyes. For one thing the kind of women who were willing to do porn in those days were not very attractive, and there were pubic grooming issues, even for lovers of hairy muffs. So Pulse Distribution has done the porn world a great service here by giving us Dollface, featuring modern, extremely attractive women, dressed in very authentic looking styles and settings having really hot sex.

Scene 1 – Evelyn Lory and Vanesa: Vanesa, a cute but very dirty blonde slut from the Czech Republic, starts things out wearinga classic white bra, panties and garter belt with nude stockings and plain black heels sitting back in a chair barely wearing a fur coat. She picks up the phone and makes a quick call before sitting back in her chair. Moments later she is joined by Evelyn, whose hair is in curlers and is wearing a fur coat  hat she slides off so show her sexy black lingerie. She kisses Vanesa softly before helping her out of her bra, and lets Vanesa kiss her erect nipples before she drops down to lick her pussy. Evelyn comes back up and sits back for Vanesa to tongue and finger her pussy before they sixty-nine each other. They move apart to masturbate and watch each other before coming back together for a soft kiss as the scene fades out.

This scene makes it clear right from the start that Dollface is going to be an artistic and stylish porn movie. The camera captures the sex action from different angles and distances, and there is great use of lighting. The sensual atmosphere is even helped out by the music, which has a classic feel to it. Of course, there are the girls, who seem to be into each other quite nicely.

Scene 2 – Nikki Sun and Dirty Dog: Porn stud Dirty Dog is sitting on a chair wearing a dark grey three piece pinstripe suit with a black fedora and a white band. He is joined by blonde Nikki in a white fur coat, white bodysuit, and nude stockings. She bends over to free his cock and starts sucking it slowly then nice and fast with a few licks and plenty of eye contact. Dirty Dog lets her sit back in his chair so he can eat her lovely pussy before fucking her, and lets her suck him a bit more before she rides him reverse cowgirl style, putting his cock in both of her holes. She sucks Dirty Dog clean before riding him cowgirl style, and they show off some nice gapes as he reams her. Finally, Nikki gets down to work Dirty Dog’s cock to a very nice facial before leaving him to sit back in his chair.

Scene 3 – Daria Glower and Dirty Dog: After they smoke their cigarettes, Daria, a brunette who looks extremely hot in her tight white classic style dress and matching hat, makes her way closer to Dirty Dog and sits on the bed. She runs a sliver vibrator around her body, and as she lifts her dress up and works the top down she continues to run her hands around her body. Daria rubs her pussy before sliding the toy inside, leaving Dirty Dog to stroke himself as he watches her. She slides closer to Dirty Dog as she rubs herself, and he quickly meets her at the edge of the bed with his hard cock for her to suck. He reciprocates with a pair of fingers and a tongue for her pussy lips before fucking her missionary style. They keep it going with some spooning and a reverse cowgirl ride before Daria sucks him to a very nice pop in the air and on her face.

Scene 4 – Julie Silver, Katy Anderson, Dirty Dog, and George Uhl: While George and Dirty Dog play poker, blonde nurses Julie and Katy pleasure each other on the bed to relieve their boredom. Katy starts things out as Julie lies back, and then backs off so they can both strip and suck each other's boobs. The guys decide the cards can wait, with George taking on Julie while Dirty Dog has his way with Katy. The girls orally warm up their respective partners and it doesn't take Julie long to get George ready to fuck her missionary style. He backs off to tongue her after fucking her a little, and moves on to fuck her from behind as Julie makes her way over to help Katy suck Dirty Dog's cock. They leave Katy to work on Dirty Dog’s cock and to have a reverse cowgirl ride while they head back to the bed for some reverse cowgirl anal sex. The girls go for cowgirl rides next, with Julie taking it in each of her holes while Dirty Dog mixes in a little oral action for Katy. They trade partners, and George unleashes a pair of pops on Katy's leg and keeps right on fucking her missionary style as Julie rides Dirty Dog cowgirl style. They keep working through the standard positions, with Julie repeatedly taking it in her ass hole before leaning over to take a facial from the guy the other girl was fucking.

This is a pretty hot scene with a clever twist on the naughty nurse scenario by having the girls wearing old style nurse outfits, and there's also a some extra kink with how similar the girls look. There is excellent sexual chemistry all around, and it looked as if the girls really wanted to help each other out.

Scene 5 – Anita Queen and Morgana: Busty brunette Anita gets it on with a brunette at the bar. They let their hands wander over to each other's legs before their dresses magically disappear so they can work on their respective pussies with Anita sitting back first to enjoy Morgana's muff munching. She has Morgana lie back on the floor so she can lick and rub her pussy before they enjoy some sixty-nine. Anita has Morgana sit back in a chair so she can keep licking her pussy, and then lies back on the floor for Morgana to fuck her with a silver vibrator. She rolls onto all fours and keeps taking the toy before letting Morgana get on all fours for it. Finally, the girls kiss and cuddle a little.

This is a hot lesbian sex scene. It has a very similar feel to the opening scene only with the addition of sex toys. It also has plenty of chemistry between the girls.

Dollface is a very enjoyable porn movie, with the added atmosphere of going back to the thirties and forties with plain shoes, nude stockings, and old style corsets and lingerie. The fur coats add plenty of class, and the old fashioned nurse outfits were a great way to twist a commonly shared fetish. As an added bonus, director Kendo also manages to mix in some nicely artistic camera work and editing.

Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Dollface” Porn DVD Featuring Vintage 1940’s Medical Sex Action
Dollface - Hardcore Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price

In porn movie director Kendo’s magnificently hardcore movie Dollface, Film Noir meets hardcore in this scintillating collection of femme fatales, naughty nurses and horny housewives. Spend a steamy evening with these sultry vixens, who get all dolled up and hook their prey with corsets, stockings and their insatiable desire to fuck. Dollface will show you the sexy side of the 1940's, featuring six of today's most striking porn starlets. Here are three reasons to watch Dollface (1) Fresh, beautiful models in classic 940's settings, (2) Exquisite clothing, including corsets, classic nurses outfits and stockings, and (3) Intense anal, 4-way and girl-on-girl sex action!!

Starring: Anita Queen, Daria Glower, Dirty Dog, Evelyn Lory, George Uhl, Julie Silver, Kathy Anderson, Morgana, Nikki Sun, Vanesa
Director: Kendo
Studio: Pulse Distribution
ONLY $24.95
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