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Buy Darque Nurse Costume By Coquette Online For Medical Fetishism Role Playing Pleasure
Darque Nurse Costume By Coquette - For Naughty Nurse Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Darque Nurse Costume By Coquette - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

A very naughty and even more dangerous nurse is what you get with this exceedingly sexy Darque Nurse Costume. This outfit is great for a play party, a fun role play night in the bedroom, as a Halloween costume, or if you and your partner are into medical sex and medical fetish role playing. The outfit is well made, comfortable and has lots of fun extra items like pasties, cuffs, a sexy crotchless panty and a nurse headpiece. This Darque Nurse Costume has everything you need for the perfect naughty nurse ensemble.

I have been on the lookout for a medical role play costume for quite some time but could never find anything that suited my criteria until I came across this very sexy Darque Nurse Costume. I wanted a dominant looking nurse costume in a plus size that would cover up my private parts effectively while still being sexy. It also had to non-restrictive, leaving me free movement while in a medical role playing scene. This costume really fit the bill, plus the extra items included can turn the heat up in the bedroom under a more intimate setting.

Rarely have I seen an outfit with so many items included. This is a 5-piece set; you get the darque nurse trimmed dress, 2 very burlesque-like pasties, 2 lacy ruffled red cuffs, a stylish crotchless pantie and a nurse headpiece.

I was very pleased with the cut and the quality of the material of the dress. Made mostly of black spandex, there are red accents around the collar, the sleeves, a few lines emphasizing the bust, two semi-decorative corsets ties on the sides, a PVC hospital cross on the left side of the chest and a ruffled red lace trimming around the bottom edge of the dress. I really like the front zip closure; it is easy to get in and out of the dress and helps to make a home strip tease more elegant. The zipper starts at the bottom of the waist line and ends at the very wide plunging neck line. It’s quite the exposing neck line but I did not feel like I would pop out. Same thing with the length of the dress: short but not too short while standing. If you bend over you will be mooning - your choice is clothed or bare bottom full exposure.  

On to the multiple accessories. The crotchless panties are the most beautiful undies I have ever seen in a fantasy sex role playing costume. The bikini cut is in black spandex and there is a little red bow at the top center front. The back is stunning revealing your cheeks behind a corseting of red lace that you can adjust fully. But, again as a plus size, the basic design and size is a fail. It is like they only made the waist elastic bigger but did not adjust the inseam. Also when you make a bigger size you need to compensate by adding lengthening the material going around the hips. This was not done so basically the panties dig into the hips, no smooth lines at all. A shame because they are so pretty.

The nipple pasties I think are an added bonus to your Darque Nurse Costume. They are fun round circled covered in red sequins. From the center hangs a black cord with a tassel at the end - so burlesque! They certainly make an impression. And yes I did try twirling them! I could get them both going in opposite direction at the same time but could not make them work in the same direction or independently. I guess I will need practice ha ha. I did find they did not stick on super well but you can remedy that quickly with spirit gum that you can buy at a costume shop. They are reusable.  

I personally would not wear the Darque Nurse Costume at a BDSM event, being the domme in my relationship, but the black and red lace wrist cuffs are a nice touch to the costume and they seem very comfortable and right for all wrist sizes. The nurse hat is a must to the traditional nurse outfit but I found it a bit cheesy with so much lace ruffles on it. A square with a seam sewn into it is slipped into a plastic headpiece that rests on your head horizontally, kind of like a tiara.

The Darque Nurse Costume is very well made and can handle a bit of pulling and tugging, but best be a bit delicate as the seams are basic and not reinforced. Although there are no cleaning instructions I think a delicate hand wash in cold water would be just fine. If you want to keep the red lace intact I would suggest removing it before washing.
Darque Nurse Costume By Coquette - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

This very naughty Darque Nurse definitely knows how to take care of you. The black Darque Nurse Costume dress features a front zipper closure, a red cross patch and contrasting side ribbon lacing for a better, very sexy fit. The hem is adorned with two layers of red lace ruffles that perfectly match with the ruffled cuffs and headpiece. When things get hot, the Darque Nurse can strip down to her heart shaped pasties and crotchless panty with back ribbon lacing and cute front bow. Add a pair of stockings to complete your sexy daring look.

The Darque Nurse Costume set includes: Dress, 2 pasties, 2 cuffs, crotchless panty, headpiece.

Bottom style: Crotchless / Mini skirt / Panty

Top style: Pasties / Short sleeve
Darque Nurse Costume By Coquette - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Darque Nurse Costume By Coquette
Online Price : $55.99
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