There are some women who place their clitoris in a small vacuum device to draw blood into their clitoris, causing it to temporarily swell and increase in sensitivity. This is similar to what some men do when engaging in vacuum pumping of their penis. If done carefully and cautiously, this can be a pleasurable experience for a woman. If done often, permanent enlargement can result.

What can I do to make my clitoris larger, and stay that size? Mine is too small.

Unfortunately, the only ways to enlarge the clitoris are by vacuum pumping and by the use of the hormone testosterone. Pumping takes time and patience. Testosterone requires a doctor's prescription, and they are often reluctant to prescribe it, because they do not understand the risks. You might check around to see if a doctor will prescribe a testosterone cream, 1-3% testosterone, to increase your sensitivity to sexual stimulation. When applied too often or in too high a dosage, increased clitoral size and pubic hair occurs. Oral testosterone will also have the same affect, but it affects the body in additional ways, including increasing a woman's desire for sex. Some or most of the increase in size you experience will be permanent. When you stop using the testosterone there will be some decrease in size, and your clitoral erections may not be as pronounced.

The size of a woman's clitoris does not have any impact on her sexual pleasure or her ability to experience orgasm. Larger clitorises may be easier to locate, but not necessarily easier to stimulate. Testosterone use can cause the clitoris to become extremely sensitive, perhaps too sensitive.

I'm a 25 year old woman and my question regards clitoris size. First of all my clitoris works wonderfully, but after reading about massage of the erect clitoris, and reading how men could grip it with two fingers or more, I decided I wanted a bigger clitoris. I was interested in knowing clitoris pumping.

You may not experience a significant amount of clitoral enlargement by applying suction to your clitoris unless it is done with a high class pumping device and follows a strict clitoris pumping schedule. Many of the woman shown in clitoris pumping photos were actually born with a large clitoris. If you are careful and dedicated you may experience acceptable clitoral enlargement, if you do this on a daily bases for several months; perhaps prior to a daily masturbation session.

The key thing with clitoris vacuum pumping is to use increasing amounts of time and light suction. Start with five minutes a day and only enough suction to be able to feel it. Too much suction will cause pain and potentially rupture blood vessels and damage your erectile tissues. You have to pump up your clitoris frequently, as you want to keep it filled with blood for extended periods of time. It is one of those things where you want to do it for five minutes twice a day, at bedtime and before rising, versus thirty minutes once a week. Go slow and be gentle, and do not expect too much in the beginning.

How likely is it that I injured my erectile tissue while clitoris pumping? I am really scared. I purchased a very good clitoris vacuum pumping device and I am using it at least twice a day, but I pulled a little too much once or twice. It didn't really hurt badly but it was uncomfortable. I am doing it five minutes at a time twice a day and I'm very careful. I only move the plunger a few millimeters up and down for now, but I am afraid to injure myself if my hand slips. If that happens, can the body repair the damage, or is it lost forever? I started pumping because I have trouble getting aroused. The blood doesn't flow into my pussy area well enough. I don't really think my clitoris swells a lot or becomes firm when I masturbate. I can't reach orgasm either, although I've been trying for a couple of months now. The reason why I think I have circulatory problems is that I have low blood pressure. Or could my orgasm problems be because I started off using a vibrator when I first masturbated? After that, I used a very intense water beam for a couple of months. Is it possible that I got used to these strong stimuli and now I am finding it hard to come manually because of this? Please help, I am very frustrated!

Clitoris pumping is for the most part uncharted territory. There is not a wealth of personal experiences you can learn from. You will need to discover what works best for you, and your personal experiences will likely vary from that of others. The clitoris is very sensitive so it is not difficult to cause discomfort or pain when stimulating it, or when placing pressure or suction on it, even small amounts. A moment of pain is not a reason for concern, it simply means you have applied too much suction and should reduce it. Pain and discomfort indicate something is wrong and should never be ignored. If you were to ignore the pain, that could result in injury to your clitoris.

If your clitoris hurts or is uncomfortable during the entire five minutes of suction, or after, that is a good reason for concern. This probably means you are using too much suction pressure. Another thing to consider is whether the pain is from the suction or the pressure of the syringe on your clitoris. Make sure the syringe is free of sharp edges, and you may need to switch to a larger device if your clitoris is being squeezed into to too small an area. Lubricate the syringe and your vagina with Vulva Balm Lube so the plunger slides easier, so you do not accidentally apply too much pressure; using an oil based lubricant maybe best for this.

You can make marks on the plunger shaft at incremental distances so you can set the same distance / suction each time.

It is very doubtful that you have harmed yourself by also masturbating with your fingers, water spray, or a vibrator. It sounds like many of your concerns predated the use of the clitoris pump anyway The problem does not sound like one of stimulation, but learning to experience orgasm, and letting go, surrendering control.

Many women do not experience a clitoral erection or significant enlargement of their clitoris when sexually aroused. The clitoral glans is always soft, and the body or shaft of the clitoris can be difficult to locate within the loose and soft tissue that surrounds it. The shaft lies between your clitoral glans and your pubic bone, and that distance indicates the length of your clitoral shaft. If your clitoral glans is sensitive to sexual stimulation, do not worry about whether your experience an erection or can locate the body of your clitoris, as it does not directly influence you ability to experience orgasm. It is certainly nice to know where the shaft of your clitoris is located and whether it becomes firm when you are aroused, but it is not necessary for you to know this if you seek to learn how to experience orgasm.

I am a gay woman who is wondering how I could get my clitoris large enough to be somehow able to penetrate my girlfriend’s vagina with it. Both of us are fantasizing about me penetrating her like a man. A strap-on is an option, but I would like to feel it skin to skin. Is it possible? All the information online about clitoris pumps is about how the woman feels when a man is penetrating her. Can you help us?

The only way to significantly increase the size of the clitoris is through testosterone injections, or testosterone cream applied directly to the clitoris. Even then, your clitoris would likely only be 5 cm ( 2 inches) in length, and that may not be long enough to permit vaginal penetration. There would probably be side affects you wouldn't want, like increased body hair. Applying a clitoris pumping vacuum cylinder to your clitoris, and slipping a hollowed dildo or penis extension over it, may allow you to feel as though you are having intercourse with your partner. You could place a bullet style vibrator inside the cylinder or dildo to provide you with additional stimulation you desired.

My husband has bought a pussy pump cup for me in order to enlarge the lips of my vulva just before we have sexual intercourse. We have used it once and during the pumping process I have really enjoyed the sensation. My lips did increase in size, while the cup was around my vulva area, but as soon as we remove it the lips decrease to its normal size immediately. Do you perhaps have any tips on how to use this device to achieve maximum results?

The body tends to return to it normal resting state in a relatively short period of time. Given the structures of your vulva are normally smaller than they are after pumping they would tend to return to their normal smaller state quickly, as the tissues aren't elastic or accustomed to being stretched. To maintain the increased size for longer periods you would need to maintain the suction for increasing amounts of time, so your tissues become accustomed to their increased size and volume. Light vacuum suction is recommended for increasing periods of time, then slowly increasing the amount of suction. You would also need to pump your pussy and labia lips on a regular and frequent basis. You will not achieve your desired results in a short period of time, and risk injury if you are too aggressive.
All About Clitoral Pumping - Clitoris Enlargement Questions And Answers
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All About Clitoral Pumping - Clitoris Enlargement Questions And Answers - Clitoris Vacuum Pumping Pleasure
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