Buy ‘Clitoral Suction Cylinder’ Online To Pump Up And Engorge Your Clitoris For Greater Clitoral Sex Pleasure
Clitoral Suction Cylinder To Increase Clitoral Size And Sensitivity For More Pleasurable Sexual Stimulation
Clitoral Suction Cylinder - For Clitoris Enlargement And Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

Clitoris pumping is a sex related activity in which women apply a vacuum pump and enlarge their clits by the force of suction. Some women, including f
emale bodybuilders, pump up their clits to amazing proportions..

Clitoral Suction Cylinders, also known as Clitoral Excitement Cylinders, prove that genital pumping is not just for men anymore. They are a great reason to break out the pump and have some fun. Like traditional vacuum cylinders used to increase penis size, Clitoral Suction Cylinders apply a vacuum to a focused area, immediately engorging and enlarging the clitoris.

This high quality Clitoral Suction Cylinder is perfectly sized to fit over the female pleasure trigger. Apply the open end to the clitoris and pump. The suction created will draw blood to the clitoris, engorging it and making it extremely sensitive to the touch. From here, you can let your imagination run riot. Great for teasing or torment, the Clitoral Suction Cylinder brings the clitoris into greater visual prominence and gives you and your sexual partner a perfectly clear view of the action. This makes the clitoris easier to locate for sucking, licking and fingering purposes.

For women who are interested in more permanent clitoris enlargement, the pump can be removed, but the Clitoral Suction Cylinders will stay vacuum sealed on the aroused clitoris. Women will find that their clitoris is immediately more sensitive, and that the whole sexual experience is far more erotic and orgasmic.

With proper use of Clitoral Suction Cylinders, you can enlarge and stimulate your clitoris to the size you want. It utilizes the same concept as traditional penis pumps, which have been effective in permanently enlarging penis size. Now you can enlarge your clitoris size. Each high quality Clitoral Suction Cylinders is crafted from industrial grade clear acrylic, and uses the same airlock release system as in our penis pumps.

Enjoy watching your clitoris grow in size as it is sucked into the Clitoral Suction Cylinder. Pumping your clitoris enhances its sensitivity and can be a lot of fun for sexual play or solo or mutual masturbation. Clitoral Suction Cylinders can also be used to create great stimulation or punishment with higher pressure levels.

Clitoral Suction Cylinders Specifications:

Length of Cylinder, Tip to Tip: 4”
Interior Circumference: 2”
Interior Diameter: Approx. 5/8”
Buy ‘Clitoral Suction Cylinder’ Online To Pump Up And Engorge Your Clitoris For Greater Clitoral Sex Pleasure

Clitoris Pumping For Sexual Pleasure: Clitoral Suction Cylinders will not only enlarge the size of your clitoris and clitoral hood, they will intensify its stimulation intensity and your sexual arousal potential. The enlarged size of your clitoris will intensify the stimulation of bodily contact and arousal during foreplay and sexual intercourse.

Clitoris Size Can Matter When It Comes To Sexual Pleasure: Have you ever wanted a little more sensitivity to promote and amplify sexual arousal? A larger clitoris is easier for a lover to locate for touching, licking and sucking purposes. Sometimes, the mere sight of an engorged, pink clitoral love button will turn you and your partner on. What about an engorged clitoris that rises up and says "Suck me"? Clitoris vacuum pumping using high quality Clitoral Suction Cylinders offers sexually empowered women all of that. Pumping up the clitoris and clitoral hood - not to mention Pussy Pumping the inner and outer labia lips, or even the entire vulva - can bring undreamed of sexual pleasure benefits. Female pumping of the genitals may be done for play or for vulval enlargement. Casual pumping with a Clitoral Suction Cylinder will be sex play; regular pumping will stimulate permanent clitoris and clitoral hood enlargement.

Clitoris Pumping Using Clitoral Suction Cylinders: The Clitoral Suction Cylinder attached to the clitoral pump should be small enough to only incase the clitoral area - the clitoris and clitoral hood. You will need to pull back the clitoral hood as much as possible and put the Cylinder over the uncovered clitoris. Lubricating the inside of the Cylinder will help keep the clitoris from sticking as the vacuum engorges it and draws it inside. Lubrication at the base of the Clitoral Suction Cylinders also creates a better vacuum seal. If you want to permanently enlarge your clitoris or clitoral hood you will need to perform clitoral pumping regularly. An effective regime is 2 to -4 times a week for 10 to 5 minutes.

Clitoral Suction Cylinders For Nipple Pumping: Nipple pumping is also fun. If you do it frequently you can enlarge your nipples dramatically. Follow the same techniques as given above using your Clitoral Suction Cylinder.

Clitoris Vacuum Pumping Tips Using Clitoral Suction Cylinders:

If you have never practiced clitoris pumping before you should take it slowly at first.
Exercise using the clitoris pump and Clitoral Suction Cylinder on your thigh to understand how it works. Check out the quick release valve.
Make your pussy ready for effective clitoris pumping. Shaving before clitoral pumping is a good idea. Apply a thick silicone or water based lube. Massage your labia and clitoris for a few minutes. It is perfectly acceptable to enjoy this massage!
Lubricate the inside of the Clitoral Suction Cylinder to make less friction between the clitoris and the Cylinder.
Locate the Clitoral Suction Cylinder over the clitoris. Start vacuum pumping slowly make sure the tube stays on. Let your clitoris get used to the sucking and being drawn inside the Cylinder. Loose the pressure every few minutes before pumping harder.
Stop clitoris pumping after 10 to 20 minutes and enjoy the the look, feel, and sensitivity of your beautifully enhanced and engorged clitoris.

“The Clitoral Suction Cylinder is a great product, I am very pleased with the suction ability of this tool. You just attach the cylinder, pump and release cylinder securely and you can walk around, sit, watch television, have a nap, do things around the house with the Clitoral Suction Cylinder attached. Clitoris pumping gives endless pleasure can actually feel like you are receiving oral from a real person. I recommend this product for all females who have any interest in their own clitoral pleasure and enhancement. I do not gave a sexual partner so this is the best tool for slo pleasuring purposes, STD free and easy to clean. You control the pleasur because the pump is fabulous.”.

“My first Clitoral Suction Cylinder and Clitoris Vacuum Pump came in the mail this week. It was a gift to myself and I'm so glad I got it!  It's a medical device, too. Since there is very little to be found online about how a girl pumps her clitoris, I had to go to a male penis pumper site and modify the information. It worked, and I enjoyed a very long and satisfying clitoris pumping session ending in the longest and horniest orgasm I've ever had. I followed this with an all-night masturbation session comprising several more massively orgasmic climaxes using my other sex toys. My clitoris got very big and hard during the pumping cum masturbation session. The size didn't last as long as the sensitivity.  But my clitoris and labia are already big to begin with. Although my clitoris has never been that hard and super sensitive before!”

“When I went to bed I brought a small bucket of hot water and a washcloth with me. I started off with a warm compress applied several times to my vaginal area as I looked at some hot lezzie porn DVDs. Sitting on the hot compress felt really good. I'm completely shaved, by the way. I had a small mirror securely positioned for intimate viewing. My whole pussy area was warm, relaxed, and a little enlarged. I put lube inside the Clitoral Suction Cylinder and gently placed it over my expectant clitoris and gently pumped until it tingled. Once I was used to the sensation, I pumped some more. It felt really good to bob the cylinder up and down as I wiggled the pump handle. I imagined that my erect clitoris was getting sucked by a hot mouth, or being fucked by a hard cock. I kept lubing, pumping, and wiggling until I grew frantically aroused.  At one point my clitoris was very hard and pulled a little over an inch inside the Clitoral Suction Cylinder. A pleasurable side effect happened with too much moisture where a part of my labia lip kept being drawn into the Cylinder. The whole clitoris pumping sensation felt great and was enhanced by cute sucking sounds, close to real. One side was getting more swollen than the other. So I concentrated suction on the other side and got my clitoris to be uniformly hard on both sides. The symmetry allowed for a good seal so my sneaky labia flap stopped jumping in and wrecking the fun. This made a massive orgasm inevitable.  I was so hard and lubed up that I could fuck the Cylinder with my engorged clitoris!  It felt excellent to spin the tube around my wet swollen pleasure button. What eventually got me off was the up-and-down wiggling technique. My clitoris nearly filled the entire tube. It looked like a little penis. When I eventually slid it out of the Clitoral Suction Cylinder it bobbed and twitched a little on it's own as I looked at it admiringly. It stayed a little swollen and tender for about an hour after. It rubbed nicely against the fabric of my pyjama pants. All-in-all it was a very satisfying clitoris vacuum pumping experience.”

Clitoral Suction Cylinder To Increase Clitoral Size And Sensitivity For More Pleasurable Sexual Stimulation
Clitoral Suction Cylinder - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Clitoral Suction Cylinder
Online Price : $30.00
The Deluxe Brass Hand Pump  is for use with a cylinder that has an Air Pressure Valve. Its use with a suitable cylinder creates a vacuum that engorges and enlarges tissues by creating a partial vacuum seal around the vagina that pulls out the clitoris.
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