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Jim Holliday’s Cheerleader Nurses is the story of a nursing school full of attractive women who wear very short uniforms for brief periods of time, but never seem to have any panties on underneath. There wasn't much story, the acting was funny in a dreadful way, and the sets were cheap looking. However, Cheerleader Nurses is a porn movie after all and the amusing lines dd to the fun of the hardcore sex action.

Porn critic and occasional movie director Jim Holliday had a thing for female occupational groups such as nurses, which was why so many of his porn movies used medical themes including golden oldie, Cheerleader Nurses from 1993. What better way to combine Holliday's love of nurses, cheerleaders, and nubile young women who love to suck and fuck than to make Cheerleader Nurses, even though it credited Bionca as director, Jim Holliday was listed at IAFD as Associate Director and there was no doubt he was in charge of the project. That said, here's a short take on the Cheerleader Nurses sex scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were damaged in the production of this movie.

Scene One: Tiffany Mynx, the sex slut featured on the right hand side of the front DVD cover, was up first as she sucked off Randy Spears in bed. She lubed him up really well before he gave her pussy a good licking, followed by him tapping her tight pussy and erect clitoris as she held her legs spread far apart.

Scene Two: Crystal Wilder, the busty blonde beauty on the left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up next in a lesbian scene with equally appealing Alex Jordan as both slowly stripped off their sexy nurse outfits in a hospital bed set up. They ate each other out and applied lots of lube for the pussy fingering action before using a couple of dildos on each other.

Scene Three: Crystal Wilder, again wearing her naughty nurses outfit, serviced both Jon Dough and Terry Thomas on a hospital bed, with Terry eating her out and fingering her snatch as she enthusiastically sucked Jon’s cock. There was no doubt why she shared the cover with Tiffany given her performances here, but she came alive when faced with two rock hard cocks to suck. They screwed her vaginally and then with a double penetratioj that she enjoyed more than a little bit, ending with a double facial by the men.

Scene Four: Bionca, Rebecca Bardoux, Melanie Moore, and Lacy Rose, were up next in bed enjoying a lesbian orgy that included Bionca as a focal point of the action. The ladies licked, fingered and sucked each other off, eventually employing a strap on dildo before all getting off in a sweaty frenzy with a lot of giggles.

Scene Five: Bionca, as the older head nurse was up next in a small room with Joey Silvera. She masturbated and teased him until he came over to eat her pussy out. This seemed to get her off but Joey decided to fuck her and popped his load onto her pussy.

Scene Six: Sharon Kane, Kiss, Nikki Sinn, Shawnee Cates, Melanie Moore, and Randy Spears, were up last as Cheerleader Nurses turned to a reverse gangbang with him as the focal point. They started sucking his cock and sitting on his face in a scenario full of obvious mutual sexual chemistry. The horny nurses weren't above pawing and tasting one another either as Randy boned a few of them in turn doggy style. The scene ended when he jerked off to the ass crack of one of them, the heap of bodies all sweaty and sticky to close.

So what did all this have to do with cheerleaders? Not a great deal, but who cares! Cheerleader Nurses wasclassic nurse porn movie by Jim Holliday that provided an interestingt look at a youthful Tiffany Mynx and the final glory days of mature porn superstar Bionca, who proved that she could still out fuck and out suck most females in porn. Cheerleader Nurses was full of quirky humor and notable for the enthusiastic sex the cast performed, obviously thoroughly enjoying themselves, making this DVD worth adding to any porn movie collection. In short, Cheerleader Nurses was a breath of fresh air and full of the kind of sexual energy too often missing in today's formulaic porn.

Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With Jim Holliday's “Cheerleader Nurses” Doctor Nnd Nurse Fetish Porn DVD
Jim Holliday's Cheerleader Nurses - Hardcore Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price

Combine horny cheerleaders with naughty nurses and you get Jim Holliday’s very sexy Cheerleader Nurses DVD. Fresh candy striper babes cheer their way right into your pants! Welcome to the Burton Allen Institute. Here, ambitious sluts train to become student nurses while they nurture alternative vocations like car washing exotic dancing, and sexy cheerleading. Earn your degree at home as these Cheerleader Nurses cheer their way to the top of the malpractice heap and have plenty of sex o the way!

Starring: Crystal Wilder, Tiffany Mynx, Melanie Moore, Debi Diamond, Lacey Rose, Alex Jordan, Sharon Kane, Rebecca Bardoux, Nikki Sin, Stacy Nichols, Randy Spears, Kiss, Jon Dough, Terry Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera, Shawnee Cates, Bionca.
Director: Jim Holliday as Bionca Studio: VCA
ONLY $24.95
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