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Candy Stripers DVD - Hardcore Naughty Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price
Buy “Candy Stripers DVD” Online : Naughty Nurses Porn DVD - Cock Crazy Candy Stripers Porn DVD
Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Candy Stripers” Porn DVD From The Golden Age Of Movie Porn
Buy “Candy Stripers DVD” Online : Naughty Nurses Porn DVD - Cock Crazy Candy Stripers Porn DVD

The main claims to fame of this classic Golden Age porn movie romp Candy Stripers, and what makes it still notorious even today, are the two explicit fisting scenes that have been cut in earlier DVD re-releases, but have not been deleted in the re-mastered DVD version on sale via this web site. This earlier censoring has obscured the fact that this sexy tale of a day in the life of three apprentice nurses is a clever and arousing porn film, as entertaining today as it was when it was first issued in 1978. The cast is as good as it gets, with Amber Hunt, Sharon Thorpe and Cris Cassidy, one of the unsung heroines of 1970’s porn, confusingly billed as Montana. The plot is typically thin, but Candy Stripers still entertaining from beginning to end.

Why is Candy Stripers the quintessential Golden Age porn movie? Because it has everything and then some. It has great dialog, well acted scenes, hot sex, and decent music. And the women are very good looking.

Candy Stripers stars Montana / Cris Cassidy, Amber Hunt, and Nancy Hoffmann as the naughty apprentice nurses, Phaedra Grant, Rock Steadie, and Paul Thomas as the patients, and Eileen Welles, who looks a lot like Barbara Dare, as Paul Thomas's character's wife's girlfriend. There is also Joey Silvera, billed as Joey Niseverra, which was probably his real name.

Candy Stripers begins with Montana / Cris Cassidy having sex with Joey in his bachelor pad. She takes a facial with considerable gusto and there is some eroticism inherent in the scene.

After the credits we move to the hospital. Sarge, the head of the Candy Stripers unit, played by Sharon Thorpe, wonders where Sharon (Nancy Hoffmann) is. Of course, Sharon is busy giving a doctor a blow job. He is Dr Bishop, who is constantly being paged throughout the movie, as a running joke: "Dr Bishop to the operating room..."

Amber Hunt visits a patient, Rock Steadie, gets him to urinate into a bottle, then sucks him off, gets him to suck her ass, sixty-nines with him, cowgirls him, and then gets fisted by him.

Meanwhile, Montana / Cris Cassidy visits Phaedra Grant in another hospital room. Phaedra is constantly horny, but keeps getting interrupted by nurses walking in while she tries to masturbate. Phaedra's husband sends her a package of large firm bananas and other assorted fruits. All the nurses nonchalantly remark, "Why, what nice bananas."

Nancy Hoffmann is back at work, this time licking off the head nurse. After which, Nancy shows up in Paul Thomas's room where he is groping Eileen Welles. Nancy interrupts them and goes to town on Welles, first licking her pussy then fisting her, then double fisting her. Paul then has anal sex with Eileen, ending with a cute ass-to-mouth with Nancy. No wonder Candy Stripers was taken off the shelves.

Montana / Cris Cassidy visits Phaedra's room once again and finds her masturbating with a banana. She joins in and they finish off with a hot girl on girl sixty-nine while Phaedra plays with Montana's ass hole as well.

Candy Stripers ends with Amber and Joey in Joey's place. Amber strips  and we get to see her amazing naked body - real breasts. curvy body, no tattoos and a beautifully hairy pussy.

Simultaneously, all the hospital gang are in the operating room, partying out because it's Nancy Hoffmann's last day. Some of the patients join the sex action, including Rock Steadie, Paul Thomas, Phaedra Grant, and Eileen Welles. Sarge gets a pussy licking from Nancy, and they all go to town. There is even a short scene where Eileen fingers some guy's butt.

Yes : Candy Stripers Is All There And Intact!

Bob Chinn’s 1978 Golden Age porn movie classic, Candy Stripers has been brought to DVD by Arrow Films, who have done a great job of restoring the film as well as giving us all of it. There are two infamous fisting scenes that have long been cut out for fear of prosecution. Both are present on this re-mastered Candy Stripers DVD, but not in their original positions, which remains edited. Instead, the fisting scenes are available as an Easter Egg which must been found and solved.

The rest of Candy Stripers is completely intact when compared on a shot-by-shot basis with the 16 mm original release print of the film. The only very important difference, other than the two fisting scenes, is that Arrow has done a very good job of cleaning up, color-correcting and restoring the film to a condition better than has ever been available before on video or DVD. Since Bob Chinn himself appears in a lengthy interview elsewhere on the Candy Stripers DVD, he must have been heavily involved in the restoration process. At any rate, Candy Stripers on DVD looks and sounds every bit as good as could be expected from a title this old.

Now for the two special fisting scenes. The first edit occurs at 28:23 into the original Candy Stripers film, and involves the finale of the Amber Hunt and Rock Steadie sex scene. Just after Rock finishes giving her analingus, he starts inserting his fingers in her pussy, doggie-style. First one, then two, then the camera tilts up to Rocks face and edit to Paul Thomas and Eileen Welles as Thomas is kissing her. The rest of the scene is intact in the Easter Egg section, showing Amber and Rock working up to a nearly full fisting doggie-style, then Amber rolling over on her back to really get the full fist treatment. You know she’s enjoying it because of her famous giant-sized clitoris. When she was aroused, it got really huge! The length of the scene is 5:09.

The other edit occurs at 42:31 into the original film. This is the middle of the lengthy sex scene between Paul Thomas, Eileen Welles and Nancy Hoffman. Just after Welles takes off her blouse and bra, and asks Hoffman to, “Try some more head – it feels so good,” Hoffman gets in a couple of licks and there is an edit to Hoffman tonguing and Welles stroking her hair, which is 5:35 later in the original scene. As before, the edited portion is intact in the Easter Egg section, showing Hoffman first inserting one fist, rather easily, into Welles, then, at the urging of Thomas and Welles, actually getting her entire other fist into Welles pussy as well. With Thomas massaging her clitoris, and Hoffman enthusiastically pumping both fists and wrists – her bracelet and watch have been pulled up her arms a bit - into her, Welles has the ride of her life.

Here is how to get to the fisting scenes: After the Arrow Trailers, the following message is shown: "Easter Egg! To find the deleted scenes, start at the Main Menu, and from 'Play Movie', click a combination of four arrow buttons to access this Easter Egg. The correct combination of buttons once you are highlighted on "Play Movie" is: Right, Down, Right, Left, Enter. You can also simply play Title 2 using your DVD player’s navigation buttons.

Everyone who is concerned about the unnecessary editing of classic Golden Age porn films on DVD owes Arrow Films a debt of gratitude for this step in the direction of freedon of expression in movie porn. While most viewers would have preferred to see the fisting scenes in their original positions in Candy Stripers, the bottom line is that the scenes are there! Both fistings are obviously being enjoyed by the women receiving them and, in the scene with Eileen Welles, Nancy Hoffman’s small fists probably aren’t much larger in size than John Holmes’ erect cock, anyway! Meanwhile, remember that another scene in Candy Stripers, which appears uncensored in its original position on the DVD, involves vaginal insertion of a very large banana!

Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Candy Stripers” Porn DVD From The Golden Age Of Movie Porn
Candy Stripers DVD - Hardcore Naughty Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price

Watch classic porn movie Candy Stripers to see what really happens when three horny teenagers are let loose in a hospital. These Candy Stripers make sure that patients' needs are taken care of. Well hung Doctors and nympho Nurses service patients and staff in non-stop sex action! This is the original 1978 version of Candy Stripers, restored and re-mastered with all the controversial fisting footage available again for the first time in many years.

Starring: Amber Hunt, Bron White, Cris Cassidy, Eileen Wells, Lauren Black, Mimi Morgan, Nancy Hoffman, Phaedra Grant, Sharon Thorpe, David Clark, Don Fernando, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas, Richard Pacheco, Rock Steadie.
Director: Bob Chinn
Studio: Arrow
ONLY $19.95
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