119 - Boob Lube Balm - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
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Elbow Grease Lube
147 - Elbow Grease Original Cream Lube Pail - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Buy ‘Boob Lube Balm’ Online To Aid Suction And Pump Up Your Boobs And Nipples For Sex Pleasure
Boob Lube Balm For Breast Pumping To Increase Size And Sensitivity For More Pleasurable Sexual Stimulation
Boob Lube Balm - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Boob Lube Balm - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

Boob Lube Balm - For medical fetish breast examination pleasure.

Boob Lube Balm - For superb titty fucking sex action.

Boob Lube Balm - For enhanced breast and nipple vacuum suction pleasure.

Boob Lube Balm makes breast exams and all kinds of breast and nipple sex play much more fun.

Zero Tolerance Boob Lube Balm makes those intimate medical role playing exams a little easier and a lot more fun, especially if you have a partner help you out.

Zero Tolerance Boob Lube Balm is a premium water-based all purpose breasts and nipples lubricant, especially suitable for the titty fuck! One squirt of the slick and slippery sex juice and those funbags will be wet, wild and ready for a thick dick! You can put Boob Lube Balm on your cock as well!

Boob Lube Balm goes on thick and spreads around nicely, staying in place long enough to set the bottle down and get down to business. While you a're doing your chosen thing, whether it is titty fucking, performing intimate medical style breast examinations, or using it to enhance suction during breast and nipple vacuum pumping sessions, Boob Lube Balm stays slick and doesn't require much clean-up afterwards.
Boob Lube Balm For Breast Pumping To Increase Size And Sensitivity For More Pleasurable Sexual Stimulation

With a title like Zero Tolerance Boob Lube Balm one might expect this bottle of breast and nipple lube to be something you give as a gag gift; something that gets a chuckle and is tossed into a drawer, never to be seen or heard from again. But, despite the overall gag gift appearance, Boob Lube Balm is actually a very good choice. It stays in place well and lasts an admirably long time.

Boob Lube Balm Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Boob Lube Balm is slightly more gel-like than runny. It comes out of the bottle easily enough, and doesn't run all over the place as soon as you squirt it out. It does run some as your body heat starts to melt it, but stays in place well enough to get the bottle out of the way and get to business. It felt nice between my fingers - smooth, slick, and silky. Very lubricating without feeling greasy.

Boob Lube Balm Performance

Considering the novelty appearance of the lube, it performed remarkably well. For plain old penis in vagina sex, one application was all that was needed. With prolonged skin-on-skin contact like a hand job or a massage, we did end up having to reapply once or twice, but surprisingly didn't have to when used for titty fucking. After we were done there was a little bit of a residue that we could feel, but it didn't bother us enough to want to have to clean it off. However, if you want to clean it off, a damp washcloth or wipe should do the trick.

Boob Lube Balm Packaging

There's nothing discreet at all about this bottle of lube. It's got a photo of a woman covering her breasts with her arms and says "Boob Lube" in fairly large letters and "Titty Fucking Lube" in smaller letters underneath that. The click cap works like a shampoo bottle and isn't overly sensitive to being brushed. It has directions and warnings in 4 languages and a short list of ingredients: purified water (aqua), propylene glycol, sodium carboxy methyl cellulose, methyl paraben, and propyl paraben.

The glycol and the cellulose are mostly to get the consistency of the lube, and the two parabens are preservatives. That being said, some folks do react negatively to them and if you have in the past you'll want to avoid this lube.

Boob Lube Balm Experience

Overall, Boob Lube Balm seems to be a great lube, despite the novelty appearance. My husband really liked that it only took one application in his Fleshlight, when a lot of the other lubes we have take at least two. I liked that I never seemed to need to reapply it and that it seems to stay nice and smooth pretty much the whole time. For us, this is easily a 5 star lube, given the price and how well it works for us.

“I don’t really have the boobs for titty fucking, so we used Boob Lube Balm like we would any other water-based lubrication. It is safe for all sex toys and just about any kind of sexual activity. We have used it for breast massage, hand-jobs, anal sex and vaginal sex. It is a bit on the thick side, which was nice. It almost has a gel-type of consistency, but worked exactly as intended. Boob Lube Balm stays slick much longer than I would have expected. This lube also left my skin feeling really soft everywhere it landed. I never needed to re-apply this lube for anal sex or on my toys. So the good news is that Boob Lube Balm is slick and doesn’t need re-application very often. It feels smooth and silky, almost like oil but it does not contain oil. It is easy to clean with soap and water. I didn’t need to really clean up after this lube, as it absorbed really nicely into the skin. Boob Lube Balm is safe to use with condoms and for use on sensitive skin. It is tasteless and odorless. I thought the bottle was really nice with the woman showing off her cleavage. I had to laugh when I saw it because I am only a B-cup, which is not really titty fucking size. I think the packaging is appealing, well to a dirty girl like me anyways. I loved the fact that the lubrication stayed slick and didn’t need re-application. For a water-based lube this product is thick and long lasting enough to rival silicone lubes I have tried. The fact that it is safe for all my toys, well that is a big plus! I think this is long lasting lube in a sexy package. Boob Lube Balm does everything I want a lube to do, without leaving a big silicone mess.”

Boob Lube Balm For Breast Pumping To Increase Size And Sensitivity For More Pleasurable Sexual Stimulation
Boob Lube Balm
Online Price : $17.99
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